Announcing the Winner of The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Contest!

After going through many entries received over the past week, we are pleased to announce that Brittany Goving is the winner of our latest giveaway sponsored by The Body Shop! We’re so excited for you to try out the full Tea Tree product line pictured below! Please look for our message to arrange the delivery of your prize!

We’d like to once again thank The Body Shop Canada for sponsoring a wonderful contest that lets us spoil our readers! We’d also like to thank our readers and everyone who took the time to enter the contest – we wish that everyone could win!

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CONTEST: Win $100 from The Body Shop! **CONTEST CLOSED**

UPDATE: The winner of this contest has been chosen! Thank you to all who entered.

Last month, in collaboration with The Body Shop, inanutshell was pleased to run an awesome contest for $100 in Cruelty-Free Make-Up. Our winner, Sheralee Huot, was sent a beautiful basket courtesy of The Body Shop, just for commenting on the post and engaging with us using social media.

We’re back at it again, and this time, we’re focusing on skin care! Reduce the size of large, congested pores and get make-up ready, matte skin with The Body Shop’s new Tea Tree Pore Minimizer. Inanutshell is offering you a chance to win a Community Fair Trade Tea Tree prize pack from The Body Shop, valued at more than $100! 

When I worked for The Body Shop years ago, their Tea Tree line was one of the best skin care lines that available. Fast forward 6 years, and it’s only gotten better. Personally, tea tree oil has saved my skin on more than one occasion, a miracle worker when dealing with acne break-outs and pesky pimples.

So, want to win this awesome prize pack? 

This time around, we’re asking you to get connected with The Body Shop Canada using social media! Either like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, and send us the link showing that you’ve done it. You can send us the link by commenting on this post or sending us an e-mail at

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Contest entries will be accepted until Sunday September 23, 2012. Good luck!!

Announcing the Winner of The Body Shop’s Cruelty-Free Make-Up Contest

We are pleased to announce that Sheralee Huot was drawn as the winner of our contest for $100 of  The Body Shop’s new cruelty-free make-up line! Congratulations! We’re so excited for you to fall in love with these gorgeous products! Please check your e-mail to arrange the delivery of your prize!

We’re Jealous! Enjoy!

We’d like to thank The Body Shop Canada for coming out with a beautiful range of cruelty-free products and sponsoring this contest. We’d also like to thank everyone who entered our contest by commenting on our posts and interacting with us on Facebook and Twitter! We hope that you enjoy our contests and we’re looking forward to bringing you more in the future. Besides, Movember is just around the corner…

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CONTEST: Win $100 in Make-Up from The Body Shop! **CONTEST CLOSED**

Lily Cole: The new face behind The Body Shop’s Cruelty-Free Campaign.

UPDATE: The winner has been chosen! Thank you to all who entered!

This summer, go cruelty-free with Lily Cole and The Body Shop! inanutshell, in collaboration with The Body Shop are thrilled to offer you the chance to win an amazing gift basket valued at more than $100, filled with the new, limited edition make-up range: Cruelty Free Make-Up, launched in collaboration with Lily Cole.

Celebrating The Body Shop Against Animal Testing ethos, Cruelty Free Make-Up contains no animal products and hasn’t ever been tested on animals. With ultra-expressive colours, shimmering looks and super soft giant puffs for perfect application every time, being cruelty-free has never been so glamorous! For more information on the products, please visit: We nuts couldn’t be more excited for one of our lucky readers to try out these gorgeous products!

The Giveaway Package will include: Pearl Radiance Primer, Liquid Eyeliner, Puff on Radiance, Shimmer Cubes, 1 Lip & Cheek Dome & 2 Mini Hi-Shine Lip Glosses.

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Contest entries will be accepted from Thursday August 2nd – Thursday August 9th. Good luck nuts!

Beauty on a Budget

Alright readers, I’m just going to throw this out there – being on a budget is NOT fun. Whether you’re paying back student loans, starting out at a new job with a tiny salary or trying to save for your first home (or all of the above!), being in your twenties is a time where money matters. For women, cosmetics and beauty products can be so frustrating; not only are they huge money-suckers, but half the time you feel like they don’t give you the results that you anticipated. I’ve put together a list of some great products that are inexpensive and will cover most elements of your beauty regime – in fact, you can purchase everything on this list for under $100!

1. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation ($14.99)
Used by multiple nuts, Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse Foundation is creamy and leaves a nice matte finish on your skin.

2. Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips ($19.99)
These shimmer strips are great because they are multi-purpose. Use each shade individually as eye-shadows and then use them together for a great, shimmery bronzer or blush

3. MAC Fluid Line ($18)
This gel is by far the best and longest lasting eye-liner I’ve ever used. Once you get used to applying it with a thin-angled brush, it will change your life. Perfect for creating a dramatic cat eye or a simple every-day look, this eye-liner is great on both upper and lower lids and is definitely a staple of mine. (Plus, it doesn’t smudge constantly like some pencils do!)

4. L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara ($10.49)
This mascara is a fan-favourite. Kate mentioned it in the past and I have since converted to it after trying it once. Use one sweep for a simple look or load it on for dramatic lashes.

5. Rimmel Vinyl Lip Gloss ($6.49)
One of inanutshell’s #1 supporters, Kelly, went on a quest for lip gloss and after trying multiple expensive brands, decided to give this a shot. After trying it over the weekend, we’re glad she did – it’s awesome and a great value!

6. Treseme Volumizing Dry Shampoo ($5.49)
I’ve blogged about dry shampoos in the past and at the time I wasn’t impressed. But, after trying Tresseme’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo, I can say that it’s now a staple in my beauty regime. Not only useful if you sleep in and have to skip a full wash, but also a great tool for creating a bit more volume if your hair falls flat.

7. Mini Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream ($10)
This hand cream has been a staple in my purse/home/office for as long as I can remember. A light moisturizer with a sweet fragrance, this product not only targets dry hands, but moisturizes your nails as well! The mini size is perfect for taking on the go.

8. Essie ‘Fiji’ Nail Polish ($10.99)
It’s no secret that we nuts LOVE Essie nail polish. And now, you can get the look that Emily Maynard rocked all season as The Bachelorette by sporting the shade ‘Fiji’. It’s a light pink that’s great for everyday because it goes well with just about anything!

And there you have it nuts, some great bargains that will keep you looking great on a budget. Happy shopping & happy saving!

Beauty with Heart

I think I’ve mentioned it before, and Kaylee touched on this topic yesterday, but it’s important to schedule some ‘ME’ time even when our lives are chaotic. Everyone has a different idea of how that personal time should be spent, but I know that for myself and the other nuts, it’s always nice to do something relaxing and pampering. Luckily, I was able to take part in Beauty with Heart – an event that combined that element of pampering and fun when I visited The Body Shop in the Rideau Centre last week. Beauty with Heart is a concept that unites beauty, community and activism, and it informs The Body Shop’s skin care and make up lines.

Bahar Niramwalla, beauty expert and make-up artist.

The Rideau Centre’s Body Shop was one of the first in the company to launch the new ‘pulse’ boutiques. A new design that focuses on integrating the customer into the experience, the pulse design is sleek, eye-catching and easily manoeuvrable, no matter what type of product you’re looking for. To launch the store, The Body Shop brought their national make-up artist, Bahar Niramwalla, to town to talk about the newest Body Shop lines, and show off some interesting tips and tricks to re-invent the traditional approaches to make-up.

First, I was paired with one of the local Body Shop’s employees, Shanique, who spent a great deal of time focusing on my skin and make-up needs. The great thing about a personalized consultation is that these employees really know their stuff. They ask insightful questions and recommend products that they think will truly help you look your best. AND, it’s not just about make-up. They understand the importance of keeping skin looking its best so that the make-up on top looks its best too.

For example, I have extremely dry skin. But I never knew the benefits of a moisturizing serum. After having it explained to me and being able to try it, I knew that my every-day skin regime needed to make room for a new product. Similarly, I never knew how a make-up primer worked. After seeing how well it worked to eliminate dryness in my problem areas, I knew I was hooked.

Contouring the cheek bone.

After Shanique finished up with my make-up, I was introduced to Bahar, who gave Catherine and I a tour of the new make-up lines and showed us some really neat tricks that emphasized how one product can be used in multiple ways.

Bahar, demonstrating the lip gloss as an eye-shadow primer.

Of all the products that we discussed, we were definitely most impressed with the Honey Bronze line that has been introduced for the summer. The Body Shop has always been known for their wonderful ‘brush on beads’ – a staple in a lot of my friend’s make-up cases as we grew up. Now, their bronzing line has expanded to include a plethora of products that work extremely well and match the needs for each skin type. Plus, like most of The Body Shop’s products, fair-trade ingredients can be found within this line, which leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling, knowing you’re supporting a good cause with your purchases.

Honey Bronzing Powder:
One of the highlights of this powder, is that it doesn’t highlight. Bahar explained that this is one of the only bronzers on the market that do not have any shimmer built in to the formula. It provides an even, matte finish and comes in a variety of colours. It is especially useful when contouring the face. Shanique showed me that it can be applied directly under the cheek bone, from ear to lip, to define the facial structure.

Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil:
This product immediately jumped out at us when we were taking a look around the store. A dry oil isn’t a common product. Bahar demonstrated it on her hand, and showed us that it leaves a slightly bronzed look to the skin, without being overwhelming. It enhances any natural tan that you have, but doesn’t streak, like a self-tanner would. And, because it’s a dry oil it is quickly and easily absorbed into the top layer of the skin, without leaving a greasy residue. Bahar also told us that she’s used it on her hair, not only to moisturize the ends, but also as a way to keep it smelling fresh when skipping a shampoo! Plus, it made her legs look toned, despite her joking that she never had time to make it to the gym. Needless to say, we both left with a bottle.

Honey Bronze Lip Nectar:
This is a to-die-for product. It’s a sheer lip-gloss, with a bit of sparkle that was designed to compliment tanned skin. It looks great on its own, but I got to try it over top of the Lip and Cheek stain, and it really accentuated the colour. When Bahar pulled out this product, she told us that she likes to use it on her eyes. Seriously. She explained how it can be used as a highlighter under the brow bone that helps to accentuate the eye and that it can also be used as an eye-shadow primer. What that means, is that a thin layer can be applied to the eyelid to help accentuate any powder eye-shadow. When she demonstrated it for us, she made a simple brown shadow go from neutral to eye-popping.

Overall, the experience was definitely one that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I have since re-invented my skin and make-up regimens and Bahar’s ingenuity has taught me to think outside the box when it comes to make-up. Multi-use products are beneficial to consumers, and it seems like The Body Shop understands its clientele and will continue to develop products that match this trend. And, most importantly, they still understand the concept of providing informative and personalized customer service and a fun shopping experience, in a nutshell.

To see Bahar demonstrate some of these products, and more, check out her stint on CTV Ottawa’s Morning Show:

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