London Calling

After 2 solid years of working in the service industry and completing various degrees and diplomas, I can safely say I was in dire need of a vacation. I’m talking about the kind of vacation that allows you to fly across a sea, experience a different culture and truly leave behind the everyday life. So for the last 3 days, I have allowed myself to unwind many miles away from home. I am in England for a little under 2 weeks and I’m digging every moment of it.

For many people, England is synonymous with Big Ben, West Minister Abbey, The Royal Family and all things London. And London is unquestionably a staple of the United Kingdom, offering thousands of tourist attractions and that completely lovable metropolis vibe. But for me, England is synonymous with Marsden Rock, Coleman’s Fish ‘n’ chips and Ocean Road.

{ London: Big Ben and a double decker}

{ Newcastle: Marsden Rock at Marsden Beach}

{London: The famous crossing at Piccadilly Circus}

{Newcastle ‘burb South Sheilds: Ocean Road}

{London: London Bridge}

{Newcastle:Tyne Bridge}

As a child, I spent months on end in England visiting my mom’s side of the family. They have always been situated in the North of England, on the outskirts of Newcastle. Unfortunately, Newcastle has been branded by the popular reality T.V. show, Geordie Shore (a spin off of Jersey Shore). This unfortunate connection has caused the ever wary tourist to steer clear of Newcastle and its surrounding suburbs. I assure you, although the city streets are occasionally graced with a Snooki look alike, the city that I spent so many summers in exudes small town familiarity and is rather quaint. The “geordies”, as they are so called, are incredibly friendly, love a good pint of bitters and are always ready to lend a helping hand. To me, this town and its people hold many childhood memories of chasing down the ice cream van at a quarter to six, of playing old records on my gran’s Gramaphone, of pedaling along the narrow streets on a rented bike. To me, this town and its people are the true markers of English life.


**Stay tuned for some real time photos of London as I make my way down to the big city**