Balcony Buzz

As mentioned in Kate and Kaylee’s posts, it’s undeniable that a weekend escape into the wilderness is one of the most beautiful (and necessary) parts of summer. If we’re lucky to steal away, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll see any of us piled into a car, blaring those classic open air tunes with our arms whipping in the wind outside of the rolled down windows.

Then again, during those (many) in between weekends – the one’s where you’ve just finished a draining week, finally retreat back to your little haven for a long overdue sitdown meal and glass of red wine – my idea of one of the best ways to escape the city summer heat is any chance to perch on a balcony while the newly warm evening breeze rolls in.

My balcony is a little…empty so far. Kaylee and I have plans to get our patio goods in the coming weeks, so hopefully it won’t look as drab as it does now – but regardless of its bareness, it is absolutely the reason I settled on my current apartment. Nestled high (very high) up in the skyline, I almost forget I live at an incredibly noisy intersection that’s always filled with commotion, horns and a constant sea of people packed onto each corner. Up there in the sky, it’s almost only silence and lights. Two things that go very well with that glass of red wine and toasty summer nights overlooking the bustle.

In light of the impending patio season and the fact that not many of us are homeowners with extravagant backyards to decorate, let’s take a look at some of this summer’s tiny outdoor accessories – perfect for all kinds of high-in-the-sky nooks.

For the hip young thing looking to make a colourful blend of sangria while the upbeat electro-rock pours out onto your fire escape nook, these are the pieces for you. Punches of colour, goofy accessories and a whole lot of character are the perfect hosts to your laid-back guests.

Urban Outfitters Cafe Chairs
Urban  Outfitters Amigo Table
Anthropologie Beneath The Stars Lanterns
CB2 Tic Tac Toe Set
Crate and Barrel Recycled Glass Bottle Pitcher
IKEA Balcony Planter
Pier 1 Celeste Dinnerware

For the young professional looking to doll up their industrial outdoor space, these bits of edgy urban decor are practical and sleek. They’ll successfully add a little glamour to the concrete and stainless steel downtown surroundings, while still letting the colour of the city steal the show.

Pier 1 Cocktail Accessories
CB2 Eddy Outdoor Round Table
IKEA Vino Chair with armrests
West Elm Trellis Planters
A+R Hurricane Lamp

For the daydreaming, cottage-loving, new-to-the-city free spirit, these stylish bits of the country will bring your memories of packed porches and waterside revelry back to life. Any of these nautical and rustic staples paired with a tray of cool pints and finger foods will set the scene for the perfect summery gathering with loved ones.

CB2 Glass Beverage Dispenser
Ikea Applaro Chairs
CB2 Serving Tray
Bouclair Viva Lantern
Anthropologie Vernazza Canapé Plates
Ikea Diod Glasses
West Elm Yarn Dyed Napkin Set



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