Re-Decorating with Colour

As some of you may know, all 5 of us nuts have moved since the beginning of 2012. While Kaylee and Jess are now both calling Toronto their new home, Catherine, Kate and I have all re-located within the Nation’s Capital. Moving is never an easy venture (it is actually known as one of the top 3 most stressful life events) and along with it comes a million little issues and stresses. But, there is an upside to moving: the opportunity to make-over your old belongings and give yourself a fresh and fun new living space. I have found that changing up the colour scheme with a few simple touches is the easiest way to re-invent your space; here’s what I did…

Invest in new bedding:

After living in a predominantly white-walled home for the majority of my youth, as soon as I moved out on my own I craved dark colours and brightly painted walls as a pseudo-rebellion. I have literally had every colour of bedding you can imagine, from hot pink to black. Recently, I had deep red and beige bedding and while I still dislike the thought of everything being white-washed, I was craving a more tranquil colour scheme. And so, I decided to go with an almost nautical inspired pairing of white and navy blue.


Say hi to Winston.


DIY Picture Frames:

I’ve always loved surrounding myself with photos of my loved ones. Every room that I’ve ever had has been filled up with framed, smiling faces. I found some very pretty, inexpensive frames at IKEA (these and these) that matched the airy feel I was going for in my room, but I hated the thought of having a bunch of plain white frames blending into my white walls. After a quick trip to my local Canadian Tire, I easily re-vamped these frames with a coat of spray-paint to make them my own.


Work with multiple colours/Don’t sweat the small stuff:

If you know me, you know that I am a big lover of TV and movies. While Catherine usually can’t sit still long enough to get through an hour long TV show (excluding Bach, obviously) I usually unwind with DVD’s of Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, etc. For me, a TV in my room is a non-negotiable. After picking white and navy blue, I worried that my black TV wouldn’t work with my colour scheme. But, instead of attempting to spray paint that too (terrible idea) or dishing out a ton of cash on a silver or white TV, I decided to roll with it. I found a large black mirror to hang on the adjacent wall and have a black picture frame on display as well.

And so, I hope that this quick view into my new room gives you some ideas of how to re-vamp your living space as well! Happy Re-Decorating, nuts!