Canada Day Playlist: Old and New Kids on The Block

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Oh Canada, how we love you.To better equip you for your Canada Day festivities and shenanigans, for the second year in a row I thought I’d pay homage to both the red and white decked tunes that have rocked the world for decades, as well as those that will keep us shakin’ for decades to come. Music is an integral part of any of the nuts Ottawa and Toronto celebrations, so stay tuned this weekend to hear what we’re up to and who we’re listening to. Stay safe, have a blast and keep those proud speakers cranked up on this momentous long weekend!



Bobcaygeon – The Tragically Hip: All of the nuts love this song, two of us are going to see the old hand rockers play this weekend, and there are no words to describe how much Kaylee and I’s hearts skip a beat when Downie’s voice rises to howl “That night in Toronto…”

Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World – Neil Young: I’m always shocked at those who don’t like Neil Young. I mean, do you not like smiling or happiness either?  Lyrically, this song is a perfect representation of our wonderful country and all of its freedoms – and instrumentally, it’s just a damn good time with one of Canada’s greatest legends.

These Eyes – The Guess Who: Ooh, baby – now this is music. Pour a cool drink, take a moment on the balcony or deck and groove to that classic sultry riff with Burton Cummings.

Hasn’t Hit Me Yet – Blue Rodeo: I would be shamed from the music journalism sphere if I left out the boys and this song. Wherever they’re playing this on Sunday, a resounding national singalong will unite the country like the national anthem itself.

We’re Here for a Good Time – Trooper: Whether from your speakers or acoustic guitar, this campfire ditty only leads to good things like spoons to the knee or clinking glasses.



Headlines – Drake: Ah, Drizzy – how could we forget your steamy self, the rhymes you spit and this proud Canadian music vid. Whether or not our homeland hip-hop hero is your cup of tea, there’s no denying his superstardom and the kind of excitedness the flashy beat will to bring to your Canada Day bash. HYFR.

Let It Go – Dragonette: Last year in my Canada Day music ABC’s, I listed this band as one of the coolest musical transformations of the past few years – and clearly their wild ride hasn’t stopped there. Bubbly Sorbara and her crew of electro-pop boys continue to amaze me with their Juno-winning discography and cute danceable singles like this one.

Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire: As one of jolliest jams to hit the indie airwaves in probably the last five years, these now international superstars provide the perfect 80s-caked backing to any living room dance party.

The Bad in Each Other – Feist: Not an old song, but a veteran indie sweetheart crooning it and all of its thumping glory. As undoubtedly one of the best tracks of 2011, this will make for a good arm-over-shoulders evening sway. I highly encourage you all bring out a little bad (behaviour) in each other during Sunday’s festivities.

Never Gonna Let You Go – Esthero: Jenny-Bea Englishman, the jazzy Ontario pop artist who’s made quite a name for herself in the past decade (collaborations with Timbaland, Kanye and spots on both the Grey’s Anatomy and Sex and the City movie soundtracks), has returned with her first single in nearly seven years – and a catchy comeback like this one has won a place high on our party playlists.