So, I spent the better portion of the week in Toronto, T-dot, the big smoke. It was a fairly frugal trip to a pricey city, seeing as I was mainly there to work; but, I did have the chance to have some precious playtime, see old friends, and traipse what felt like all of creation on my free time. I love that city. As much as I have serious National Capital Region loyalty, I always appreciate the fast-paced spontaneity and cutting-edge lifestyle that come with such a wildly energetic metropolis. I thought I would share with you some not-so-specific accounts or anecdotes, and focus on some of the (city)life’s little treasures that I came home with in my suitcase. Here are some of the glorious little items and spots I picked up on this week – making my departure from the big city a happy one that included great new sounds, a full tummy, enlightened eyes and a barrel of memories…in a nutshell.

A breathtaking night in an up-and-coming neighbourhood, Liberty Village:

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