Globe-Trotting Nutshell

As Kate wrote¬†yesterday (beautifully might I add), I have returned from my European adventure in one piece and am happy to be back on Canadian soil. Aside from the obvious dirt-encrusted backpack and tired footwear, I have returned with some great stories, a couple of oil paintings from memorable places, a few aches and bruises …and, most notably, 5,091 photographs.

At the beginning of the trip, every statue, every fountain and every meal seemed worthy of a snapshot, leaving me with countless photos from so many small moments that now seem quite insignificant in the big picture (no pun intended). At some point in the trip however, I began to stop myself from reaching for the camera to capture the sunset or snap a shot of a cat sleeping soundly. There comes a time when sitting back and taking it all in, without a concern for documentation or picture quality, becomes very important if you want to truly appreciate the moment.

As I now sift through the rubble that is my EuroTrip picture folder, I find the best sights and experiences are captured in my “in a nutshell” moments, because these were the times when I thought to myself, “the girls would want to see this” or “I can’t wait to share this gorgeous place with our readers”.

So, here are some snapshots from my journey, each with a little touch of home in the form of our logo. To see the rest of these pictures, like our Facebook page and let us know your favorite!

Positano, Amalfi Coast

Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy

Sofia, Bulgaria

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