Peachy Pairings

The summer heat brings with it such room for improvement, so many new possibilities, not to mention, countless new elements to our wardrobes. In a season that’s synonymous with all activities in the great outdoors, there’s no better time to perfect the outfits we’ll be wearing on patios, in parks, and on bikes. Seasonal staples like the linen pant and the strappy wedge have never been more ready for your impeccable styling. Get a leg up on summer’s peachy pairings…you never know where the next sunny stroll will take you!

Who doesn’t adore a classic polka dot? Especially when paired with unique items, spotted touches add feminine flair to any summer outfit. Poppy Delevigne pairs her patterned trousers with a white button down and a cropped jacket with scallop detailing. T-strap wedges are the perfect finishing touch …next to that red lip and those dark shades. An ideal summer look, easily attainable with the help of just a few seasonal staples.

Funktional Carrera Crop Jacket / Melissa Peace WedgeAnthropologie Polka Dot Ankle

On those balmy find-me-the-nearest-pool days, linen pants are the go-to for women who prefer not to bare it all but rather, look for light and airy ways to cover up. Miroslava Duma wears a high waisted, bell bottom pair with a cropped tank and a statement necklace…what better way to interpret the ever popular casual friday? Is linen the new denim? I like to think so.

ALDO baver necklace / Topshop crochet vest / Marc by Marc Jacobs wide leg pant

Although controversial, the white jean can (and must!) be worn with some semblance of class. VPL (visible panty line) is a common symptom of impulse buys. White jeans are not to be taken lightly, seeking out the perfect pair is key to achieving this look. Add some nautical touches and warm leathers for a style that will take you through each of Saturday’s activities.

Nili Lotan long sleeve T / Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC bag / Levi’s ankle skinny white jeans

Several summers ago, the maxi dress began appearing on the bodies of our favourite celebs as they paraded through the streets of LA with starbucks in one hand and a Birkin in the other. Slowly but surely, we all fell for the trend, and today, the maxi has become a true staple of the season. Surprisingly enough, we’ve allowed this piece to become incredibly versatile, throwing cropped sweaters, leather jackets and t-shirts on top to create unique looks all our own. For your typical Sunday, a flowy maxi paired with soft, flat sandals and a floppy hat are picture perfect.

J Crew two-tone straw hat / Zara thin strap sandals / French Connection silk maxi dress


Friday’s Fashion Fix

According to me, day one of a new month doesn’t really count. Its more a grace period for each of us to organize ourselves accordingly; flip a new page of the calendar, send in our monthly reports at work, and discuss at length how quickly the previous month has passed. To me, today is really the day where we all come to terms with the fact that MARCH is upon us, and dear old Feb is long gone.
A fresh month often brings with it a look to what’s ahead…what seemed like a far away event, is now, suddenly, next weekend. I think we can all agree that after a drab Winter of chilly weather and little to show for it, March 20th is something to look VERY forward to it. The only season that brings thoughts of florals, pastels, trench coats and anything that will (finally) show a bit of skin – is our dear friend Spring. However, there’s no need to begin a countdown just yet. We can still relish in this transition time, as Winter quietly says farewell and Spring slowly peaks out in the form of puddles, blossoms and patches of green. Rid your routine of the pairings you’ve made all Winter, and dust off your brights to spice things up. Every store window and magazine editoral is screaming for COLOUR, so why not bring that to fruition a few weeks before Spring’s true inauguration?

Milly Paige Mini Skirt
Topshop Knitted Turtleneck
Sabine Jagged Hoop Earring
Asos Buckle Ankle Boot
Hue Mini Squares Tights

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Friday’s Fashion Fix

Friday’s Fashion Fix started off (in July 2011) as a place to post one look to inspire you for the weekend ahead; full of possibilities for experimentation and fresh styling. Since then, I’ve certainly expanded the horizons for this weekly post – offering trends, styling suggestions, shopping tips, and so on – but sometimes, simplicity reigns.

Since bloggers and amateur photographers have begun to take over the fashion world, street style has become the new form of style obsession. Celebs, runways and editorials take the backseat to all the shots we see of regular people wearing whatever they happen to be wearing that day. As much as I’m easily drawn to the photos of stunning editors and rich socialites strutting to runway shows, I mostly love to see an everyday woman, who could easily be my neighbor, captured on her way to do groceries. Now that is style I can relate to. In a nutshell, it’s edited people watching for the style curious.

Below, a genius rendition of winter layering. A reformed dress length mixed with moto boots and a leather jacket – simplicity at its best.


Friday’s Fashion Fix

We’ve heard it time and time again…winter forces our floral, colorful, bold items to hibernation, releasing those drab and dull pieces that do nothing for us but keep us warm. Rather than bringing out your summer pieces and reinventing them with layering, I think it’s more worthwhile to look at colour combinations that satisfy the yearning for rejuvenation while keeping you season-appropriate. Seeking out a warm coat in a fresh hue will breathe new life into your day-to-day routine, and reaching for a bright pant will offer your chunky sweaters a fun, new playmate.
Grey is a go-to in cold months, but pairing it with denim or black is way too expected. Add a soft pink to your look, and maybe even a touch of silver. Winter wardrobe made fresh indeed.
An icy blue shade for winter is so ideal. Add to that your deepest purple and you’ve got yourself a lovely pairing. Green has been absolutely everywhere this season, especially that dark evergreen that us Canadians know so well. Spice things up with a pop of pink mixed with neutrals and you’re head-to-toe in winter color blocking.
Next time you’re feeling colourful, grab two shades of bright rather than one, mix and match tones and textures, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes; all this for a look that says the winter blues don’t exist in my worldin a nutshell.

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Friday’s Fashion Fix

The most famous Vogue editor-in-chief is Anna Wintour, a woman who controls the fashion world to such a degree that she often tells renowned designers like Oscar de la Renta and Valentino not to include certain looks in their runway shows. Even more shocking? They always listen. She’s integral in the high-fashion world, but she’s often seen as a stern figure, who takes herself and the work she does, a little too seriously.

The newest addition to the group of Vogue editors is Emanuelle Alt, the edgy mind behind Vogue Paris. This woman, in contrast, definitely infuses an element of fun into the work she does. The video above is the best proof of that. What other Vogue editor, who sees themselves as a defining figure in fashion, would channel an 80s music video by lip-synching to “Wake me up Before you Go-Go”? Instead of launching an expensive, extravagant campaign in order to re-launch the magazine’s website, Alt decided to get a group of models together and use her favourite Wham! song to encourage visitors to “Go-Go to”

In the video, Alt sings along with top models Karmen Pedaru, Kendra Spears, Jasmine Tookes and Anja Rubik, as well as French TV host Mademoiselle Agnès. With this hilarious imitation of the original 80s video, I can’t help but think what the fashion world would be like if every designer, model, editor and influencer infused a little more fun and humanity into what they do. The truth is, fashion shouldn’t be such a cold, intimidating industry, and masterminds like Emanuelle Alt are helping to turn that around. In a nutshell, for a new take on it all, go-go to, and don’t forget to have a little fun with your clothes!

Friday’s Fashion Fix

Today is National ‘Wear Red Day’ in Support of Women’s Heart Health!

It’s safe to say that one of the many ways we express ourselves is through the clothes we wear. Communicating our moods, conveying personality traits, it’s all right there for anyone to see. For that very reason, many charitable organizations have turned to clothing campaigns to increase support and general knowledge about serious health concerns. The CURE Breast Cancer Foundation’s Denim Day has seen great success and today’s “Wear Red Day” is no different.

Canada’s Heart & Stroke Foundation has been raising awareness on women’s heart health for over 50 years. Through various campaigns, the foundation has taught us that heart disease is the #1 killer of women. We can all do our part to support a cause that affects every one of us, like canvassing to raise money, participating in a local event, and, easiest of all, wearing red today. Sporting your best reds will encourage women to protect their hearts and reminds us all to do our part in caring for our most vital organ. The month of February is Heart Month in Canada, so do some research to see how you can contribute. In a nutshell, dig out your brightest scarlet shades today and be sure to take care of that ticker of yours with plenty of activity, healthy eating and a regular visit to your doc!

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Friday’s Fashion Fix

Yesterday, as I pulled on my ripped jeans and clipped on my oversized hoop earrings, I got to thinking about thematic dressing. Carrie Bradshaw once said that she wears “ghetto gold for fun”, explaining that her engagement ring (something one wears everyday) could never be gold. On countless occasions we’ve seen Carrie rock that ghetto gold she speaks of, in the form of her nametag necklace or some wild statement bangle, and on others, she wears elaborate diamond-encrusted pieces, elegant as ever. Her character is the prime example of reinventing personal style to channel an era, a movement or a muse.
Choosing to pair two items you’ve never imagined, sporting a piece that has been sitting in the back of your jewelry box or smearing on a bold lip colour during the day; each of these style choices will allow you to modify the routine, and to consequently find yourself reaching for new influences. For any designer, from big shots to start-ups, inspiration often comes from a point in history, whether it’s a person, a time or a trend. Well, if it works for the design experts, it should work for us too. Venture outside your usual formula and take notes from the historical movements that have brought us here today.

50s Style: Hourglass shapes reigned in the fifties. Skirts were full, kitten heels were sought-after and dainty, feminine accessories like gloves, hats and tiny purses were abundant.
50s Today: To get the fifties look today, an A-line or full skirt is the first piece of the puzzle. Try a fitted blouse on top and smear on a harsh, black eyeliner and some red lippie. OR Opt for high-waisted straight leg pants, rolled at the bottom, with loafers and your shirt tied in a knot.
Muses: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Coco Chanel

60s Style: The swinging sixties brought on a lot of social change, which greatly influenced the fashion scene. Rules were broken and new standards of style were set. Go-go boots, pillbox hats, bright psychedelic colours; all those things we now call ‘mod’ prevailed. Mary Quant introduced the mini skirt, changing the way women wore skirts and dresses forever. 
60s Today:
High-impact mascara or false lashes will give you that Twiggy look, and any geometric shapes in bright colours and fitted, boxy silhouettes scream 1960s revival. Cat-eye glasses, square-toe boots or loafers and opaque, bold tights, are all a must. 
Twiggy, Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Mary Quant, Edie Sedgwick, Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (yes, still)
70s Style: Saturday Night Fever was a huge catalyst in bringing on the disco era in the 1970s, changing fashion forever. Bell bottoms, platform shoes, the mini skirts of the 60s, fringe, tie-dye, hot pants and jersey wrap dresses c/o DVF. Leotards, crop tops and wavy hair with a centre-part were also prevalent.
70s Today: Evidently, bell-bottom jeans have seen a resurgence in the past few years, making this the easiest 70s trend to emulate. Otherwise, an American Apparel leotard, some platform shoes, bold gold jewelry and your best beach hair will give you the hippie demeanor in a flash.
Muses: Bianca Jagger, Marie Helvin, John Travolta, Farrah Fawcett, Liza Minnelli, Alie MacGraw, Faye Dunaway,  Debbie Harry, Iman, Joni Mitchell, Jane Fonda, Stevie Nicks,
80s Style: In the late 70s, punk entered the fashion scene, and this trend saw it’s heyday in the 80s. Ripped jeans repaired with safety pins, cropped or oversized leather jackets, fishnets, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Doc Marten shoes, and anything leopard print was the go-to punk attire. Otherwise, the 80s saw a popularization of “Power Dressing”, likely created due to women’s newfound presence in the workforce. Shoulder pads, boxy, neon suits and large hair were “power” staples.
80s Today:
Today’s 80s look is a bit more refined, with thinner, more modern shoulder pads in blazers and less of a box frame in suits. However, the punk movement has certainly not died, with Balmain continually recreating the style each season. Ripped jeans, an oversized t-shirt, blazer or leather jacket, heavy eyebrows and some cumbersome jewelry, and you’ll be eighties-ready.
Muses: Madonna, Vivienne Westwood, Molly Ringwald, Joan Jett, Linda Evans, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Beals, Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar, Grace Jones

What's your favourite era?

All in all, the possibilities are endless when it comes to fashion and beauty in this world. Why stick to the present era when there’s so much to work with from the past? I bet you’ve got a piece inspired by each of these eras in your wardrobe, take one to the next level this weekend by pairing it with its perfect match and echoing some time in history. You’ll probably wind up falling in love with the trends of a decade, creating your own little resurgence, one go-go boot at a time.

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Friday’s Fashion Fix

My last edition of Splurge vs. Steal was way back in the Summer when we were basking in the sun’s heat. Well, our current situation is slightly different…the weather outside Eastern Canada this weekend is way more than frightful. It is bone-chilling.
If you’re headed out today or tomorrow and some part of your skin is exposed to this climate, you better get yourself to a store on the double. Hats, scarves, gloves and layers of wool, cashmere and flannel should be in your grab-and-go pile this weekend, no exceptions!
Evidently, for this edition of Splurge vs. Steal, I turn to cold weather necessities, things I hope your wardrobe is stock-full of so the brisk air does not do its damage to your heavily moisturized skin. If you’re missing anything, here are a few places to get the best cold-weather deals…in a nutshell.

For Details: Splurge vs. Steal

For Details: Splurge vs. Steal

For Details: Splurge vs. Steal

For Details: Splurge vs. Steal

Friday’s Fashion Fix

As much as many of us would like to say that we don’t engage in celebrity culture, most of us can’t help but be fascinated. Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood, LiLo’s dozen court appearances, Bieber’s haircuts and most recently…the newest addition to the playground Suri currently reigns, Baby Blue. There’s no doubt that this fascination is at its height during Award Season, when us normal people are able to watch the rich and famous sip on champagne, apply lipstick when they think the cameras aren’t watching, whisper to their neighbors, and most of all, read/mumble/scream/cry through their impromptu acceptance speeches. Aside from the absurd jokes the host is making and the sight of a newbie stumbling up the stairs in her stilettos, the two-hour Red Carpet special before the show is really what gets me all riled up. I’m sure you can guess why. Gowns, up-dos, pant suits, obscenely sparkly jewelry and the picture posing we get to see live…isn’t it just magical?

Now, more often than not, stylists have selected the absolute newest designer duds for celebs to select from. Although vintage (hello Reese wearing a dress Kirsten Dunst wore 6 years ago) is sometimes an option, I always like to see the latest dresses that have just recently been gallivanted down the runway. Pre-Fall 2012 is the season on everyone’s lips right now, so I thought I’d sift through the collections to find the gowns I’d be pleased to see on the carpet. Charlize, Michelle, Kate, Emma and Rooney…listen up.

Don’t forget to tune in for the Awards!
Golden Globes: January 15th 8pm (Host: Ricky Gervais)
Screen Actor’s Guild Awards: January 29th 8pm
The Grammy’s: February 12th 8pm
Academy Awards
(Oscars): February 26th 7pm (Host: Billy Crystal)
Juno Awards: April 1st

Which gown is your favourite?

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Friday’s Fashion Fix

J. Crew Holiday

The best seasonal inspiration comes from lookbooks new and old, editorials, street style and, most of all, the images you’ve saved on your desktop for months on end. These pictures have stood out to you among thousands of styles and pieces, and these are the ones that will inspire you to try something new or to invest in a piece you’ve noticed in your photos more than once. As the seasons come and go, some of these images become irrelevant and others are unexciting after a while. I find the best way to get it all sorted (what you love this season, that is) is to take the time to create a season board. As January approaches, winter is on its way to full maturity and those suede boots and that military jacket you’ve been sporting ’til the bitter end, must now be replaced with rubber and down (respectively).
I always leave a spot in my bedroom that gives me free range for magazine cut-outs, lookbook pin-ups and blog print-outs that will keep me on my toes throughout the season. You’ll find my Winter Board below (to be elaborated upon as the season rolls through), as well as some frosty photos that will surely have you embrace the chilly, wool-infested Canadian winter we have ahead of us. And most of all, have you envisioning a perfectly dreamy, white Christmas …in a nutshell.

Click to enlarge.

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