Must-See Spring/Summer 2013 Collections: Part 1

On September 4, style bloggers took to the streets, models were fitted, designers tweeked, buyers examined, socialites posed, and all turned to fashion in New York City. It was day 1 of fashion month, kicking off ten days in New York, five in London, six in Milan and, the grand finale, six in Paris. It can be exceedingly overwhelming to browse lengthy collections as they are published (seemingly live) on the web. Some are for the Daphne Guinness’ of this world, unwearable and fantastical all the same, others are just plain ridiculous, and most are eye opening and beautiful. Part 1 of my Must-See Spring/Summer 2013 collections gives you everything from a Sicilian getaway to a classic trench with a twist, and thank goodness, a whole lot of inspiration for the every day.

DVF:  Diane von Furstenberg is known for her bold prints and wrap dresses, but each year she never ceases to amaze by continuously reinventing the wheel while staying true to her brand image. Diane is all about empowering women, and this is evident in these confident, bold looks that are incredibly current. Nothing says “I’m fearless” like giant hoop earrings or turquoise paired with soft pink and a plunging neckline. Diane not only gives us a lesson in colour blocking, but equips us with styling tips for our next wardrobe blunder.
See the full collection here.

DKNY: A great pencil skirt, perfectly tailored pants, and killer colour combos. DKNY, in a nutshell. No matter how many wild collections I peruse, I always find myself enthralled by those minimalistic shows that introduce high fashion to the street. You know those women that pass you by, impeccably styled? Imagine a whole collection of them, without all the guilt of staring. Tuck a denim button up into a fitted skirt and pair your favourite khakis with a punch of yellow and some black detailing.
See the full collection here.

Dolce & Gabbana: A collection that transports you to a far away land in a heartbeat, is a special thing. Chandelier earrings inspired by street puppets, souvenir scarves worn as hair accessories, colourful patterns, bold stripes, embroidered detailing and all things traditionally Sicilian, embodied the Dolce & Gabbana Spring show. It was hardly a departure for the brand, but you can’t help but love it. Draw inspiration from the designers’ daring use of colour and accessories, and look to your inner Italiano for that signature confidence.
See the full collection here.

Burberry Prorsum: The days of traditional beige and classic trench are long gone for Burberry, and what results is utter reinvention. Designer Christopher Bailey was inspired by the 1940s this season, materializing in a collection stacked with capes, corsets, peplums and pencil skirts in the deepest of colours. A dark berry lip unified each look, and colour pairings were major eye candy with the likes of royal blue and emerald green followed by classic scarlet and deep purple. A lesson in colour blocking is dominant here, but there’s also a dramatic transformation of classicism that we can all begin to master in the every day.
See the full collection here.

Badgley MischkaFeminine, romantic, pale; Badgley Mischka brought this and so much more to the runway this season, showcasing just how interesting these three qualities can be. A rosette adorned peplum top, scalloped skirts, embroidered detailing, a tuxedo jacket tucked into a draping skirt, and a colour palette different from any other bright-eyed collection out there. Infuse a little soft romance into your wardrobe, with unusual and obscure floral touches mixed with modern cuts and small details that catch the eye.
See the full collection here.


Which Spring/Summer 2013 collection most inspires you?


The Do’s and Don’ts of the Bachelorette Party

As the years fly by and we move into our mid-twenties, celebratory excuses turn from “I’m finally legal!” to “I bought my first condo” and “I’m engaged!”. While many of us have not reached these stages of adulthood, it’s always fun to join the ride and start planning parties for those who are. Somehow I’m lucky enough to have two groups of girlfriends, and the first gal to get hitched spent this past Labor Day weekend being surprised beyond belief for her special Bachelorette. As the first wedding in our group, we were newbies to the Staguette scene. And so, many lessons have been absorbed, the biggest of all…we may just need to drop our day jobs and go into party planning.

While surely every bride-to-be is different, I’m quite convinced that the following do’s and dont’s will make any girl happy, especially when surrounded by her very favourite women.

Balloons of all shapes …CHECK.

1. DO buy all the cliché decorations
If you intend on buying antique vases, silver cutlery and linen napkins for a lavish Bachelorette affair, please. STOP. The truth is, a Bachelorette is a raunchy celebration of single-hood, not a Pinterest party. Head to the dollar store, browse online and embrace your inner sexaholic.

2. DO find a venue
While a house party surely has it’s advantages, it’s fun to put everyone in a different setting for the special event. A hotel room offers the perfect venue for an intimate party, and allows for a girly sleepover at the end of the night. Best of all? Virtually no clean-up.

Blindfold …CHECK.

3. DO surprise the Bride-to-be
Keep the bride in the dark as much as possible. That way, she has no decisions to make, and not a care in the world. She’ll thrive on all the suspense surrounding her special night, and each activity will become that much more exciting. 

4. DON’T bring cash
Likely our smartest decision of all, we purchased a prepaid credit card for the bar hopping portion of the evening. Not only did it make things easy when the time came for dividing expenses, it also facilitated the bar tab situation. The last few dollars were spent on poutine at the crack of dawn. Perfect.

Fun & games …CHECK.

5. DO play games
What Bachelorette party is complete without a few games? Think about these ahead of time and bring all the materials you’ll need to execute easily. In our case, the maid of honour came up with a series of tricky questions. The bride would write down her answer, and two teams would do the same. If our answers matched the bride, she and the MOH would drink up, and if we were wrong, we did! Questions included: Who will be the first in this room to cry at the wedding? (answer was me) OR how long did it take the bride and groom to say “I love you”?

 6. DON’T skip the carbs
This is a general rule of thumb for any Saturday night…but some people just need that extra push to grab a bread roll and some pasta before indulging in another cocktail.

7. DO make a few phone calls
I’ll leave this one to your own discretion…but I will say that our hotel room was visited by a certain fireman, and he may have made us all feel slightly awkward, but it was hilarious and memorable, and definitely necessary for our first Bachelorette party!

8. DO make it a group effort
The MOH shouldn’t do all the work, and working as a team will allow for ultimate brainstorming and creativity. We designed and printed T-shirts, wrote poems, made a slideshow, coordinated a pot luck, booked the hotel, bought decorations, compiled a Bar To-Do list, purchased the alcohol and made playlists – all from different corners of North America. Surely not a job for one!

Honorable mention: DON’T post all the photos on Facebook.
What happens at the Bachelorette, stays at the Bachelorette (you would hope…)

Fall Fashion: Making an Easy Transition

As far as seasons go, summer is certainly a fan favourite. People seem to be at their happiest, basking in the sunlight, enjoying the outdoors, traveling, drinking and loving life. But as August creeps on, there are a select few of us who anticipate the beauty that is Fall fashion. No other season gifts us with as much variety, as much texture and as much rule-breaking. Those few months are the only ones where Summer shorts, Spring shoes and Winter wools can all be worn at once, and when so many trends come and go, that it’s all up to you to find that signature look.

Although it surely is exciting, it can also be a bit daunting. Your overly summery pieces need to find their place in storage, and many of your Winter favourites creep back  into your mind space. How does it all come together? Here are a few things you’ll need to stock up on to ensure Winter hibernation is without interruption.

More is More
Rather than setting out to purchase dozens of large wool sweaters, look to your summer knits, and pair them with a denim jacket or a buttoned up blouse.  Truth is, no matter how many people try to force minimalism on the fashion world, the layered look will never go out of style.

Top it Off
A great jacket is key in every season – there’s the Summer trench, the Winter down, the Summer linen and the Fall leather/military jacket. If you’ve got a versatile piece to throw on over just about anything, you’ll be cozy all of autumn. Venture outside your comfort zone and look to all those Fall textures that make it the most exciting season for fashion.

Quick Fix
If you think about it, it’s slightly humorous that we consider this barely-there material to be a key transition piece. But truly, nylons and tights can make most summer dresses and skirts cool-weather appropriate, keeping your mind and budget at ease. Choosing between sheer and opaque can depend on the occasion, the outfit and the weather, but I’d say that a fancier occasion calls for sheer, while opaque can take on more of a daytime role – and thrives in our Canadian winters.

Key Investment: Great pants
I hate buying pants. Always have, always will. That’s why I’ve accumulated so many tops throughout the years, because they’re simply more fun to peruse the racks for. But let me tell you from experience, a person in serious need of new pants will not survive the Winter. Invest in pants you’ll be proud to show off, because once the snow gets here, they’re really all you’ve got. Try new colours, patterns, cuts and brands…Your Fall/Winter wardrobe will improve tenfold as a result.

Images via

The September Issue

916 PAGES.

September is fashion’s January. New Years Resolutions for the world’s most fashionable do not find inspiration in those cold weather months, but rather, in the September issuesEditors at every magazine look to this pivotal issue to raise the bar and set the tone for the year ahead, featuring world famous celebrities, models or public figures on their covers, followed by hundreds of pages of editorials, features, interviews and a whole lot of advertising. Every year, fashion and feature editors, creative directors, sales teams and others are tasked to produce the highest grossing magazine of the year, and to make it as heavy as possible. This year, American Vogue released its largest issue of all time. At a startling 916 pages, it resembles a University textbook (if you were enrolled in a very open-minded, fashion-oriented, Gaga-worshipping seminar – if this exists, sign me up).

While American Vogue continually strives for a brick-like September reveal, other magazines look to reinvention, giving New Years Resolutions a new home in the wake of Labour Day.

Emmanuelle Alt of Paris Vogue told WWD, “All the other Vogues carry a country name. Vogue Paris is the only one to carry the name of a city. Everyone fantasizes about Paris. It’s the concept of the ‘Parisienne.’ The ‘Parisienne’ is a girl who makes people dream worldwide, rightly or wrongly, a girl who represents a particular style, a taste, an allure.” Said to evoke this chic and timeless allure, Paris Vogue is being released with new typography, new monthly features (including a column by Garance Doré), new colouring and more of a unified Parisian vision.  Hitting newsstands August 23, the theme of the issue is black, featuring Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone on three identical covers, bearing a Dolce & Gabbana black dress.


While Glamour magazine certainly doesn’t scream high fashion, they looked to one of the industry’s most notorious glam girls, Victoria Beckham, to become guest editor for the important September issue. While Victoria is normally styled head to toe in luxury, posing in hotel suites, fancy cars or next to extravagant pools…it’s refreshing to see her in the role she most adores, motherhood. Posing in the kitchen, washing floors and gardening, readers get to see Posh Spice tap her maternal instincts. Better yet? Victoria had her hands on the other beauty and fashion features in the magazine, giving us even more of her signature vision.

Watch Victoria in action at the Glamour offices:

What first ignited my passion for this time of the year was the 2009 documentary The September Issue, which followed Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, André Leon Talley and other American Vogue staples, as they produced the 2009 September issue. If you’re a magazine or fashion lover, and you’ve yet to watch this, I urge you to do so. Seeing the inner workings of Vogue, as Anna effortlessly says no to her team on countless occasions, orders the world’s best designers to rethink certain trends, and speaks of her past and fashion’s present…it’s all undeniably fascinating. Watch the trailer:


If you’re not the type to spring on a $12 magazine, you should think about investing in a few of this year’s September issues, because they are certainly those that the editors invest the most time and energy in. Every September issue is a collector’s item, and who’s to say that this year’s insights won’t hold true in 2022? While fashion evolves, it also always returns to its roots somehow.

What’s your favourite September 2012 Cover?


Happiness from 9 to 5: How-To

First and foremost: I am no expert. A 20-something year-old like myself has a lot to learn about the workforce, and that, I will not deny. Nevertheless, there are certain rules to living happily, and many of us are guilty of ignoring these from the hours of 9AM to 5PM. We go about our lives work, work, working, often forgetting to stop and reflect on the thing we spend the majority of our time doing. I’m willing to bet each of us is in need of living by at least one of the following commandments…

1. Ask Yourself: What would Steve Jobs do?
If there’s nothing that excites you about the work you do, nothing that challenges you, makes you smile, or inspires you – you’ve got a serious problem. No amount of money or enticing perk will make you love your job, and as Steve Jobs once said, your work is a large portion of your life, so you better love it. It’s truly never too late to explore other options, and if you can’t seem to define your career path, look to your hobbies as a starting point.

2. Expand Your Horizons
Most of us dream of big corner offices, wine-induced lunch breaks, client trips to New York and countless freebies when we imagine ideal jobs…and that’s perfectly healthy to do. But when you’re sitting in your cubicle, with that PC that just won’t stop asking you to reboot, your dreams can easily begin to dwindle. Mindless reports and minutes ticking by can be unpleasant at best, so why not kick it up a notch? Be curious, ask questions, break the rules of 9 to 5 and do some research that may come in handy. You never know who may notice your newfound curiosity, or where it may take you.

3. Be Honest
There’s nothing worse than promising something to your boss that you A) Don’t have the slightest clue how to handle and/or B) Will not have time to do. Explaining to your superior that you cannot foresee meeting a deadline is much better received right away than 10 minutes before when your calendar has advised you of said deadline. Don’t be afraid! Most of the time, your honesty is appreciated, and I’d venture a guess that your happiness level will increase, while your anxiety level lessens.

4. Live to Learn
You’ll never stop learning, and one of the biggest mistakes someone can make is thinking they know it all. In fact, our generation is generally “known” to be like this – although I tend to think that we are just thriving on knowledge rather than walking around with our heads held high. The truth is, no matter how clueless a superior is about the digital world, they’ve been around the block a few more times, and they surely have some lessons to lend you – never forget it!
5. Do Not Dwell
There will always be bad days, mistakes, blunders, and moments you wish you could erase from your professional life – but dwelling on the negative will get you nowhere. The best solution to a problem is to concentrate on the next great thing you’ll accomplish. Work harder, be diligent, and whatever you do, don’t let imperfections get you down. We are not robots!!


6. Live a Little
Many of us find ourselves working 12 hour days and obsessively checking emails on Saturday afternoons. A key to being happy at work also involves being happy at home. It’s essential to take the time to refresh and think simply. Escape in the pages of a good book, chat with your friends, cook a new recipe, and take your mind off of this quarter’s numbers and that awful client call. In a nutshell, get a life.

Toronto Brunch: Aunties & Uncles

Toronto is brimming with quaint bistros and diners that serve up creative versions of breakfast classics. I’ve explored the likes of the Drake Cafe, School in Liberty Village (yet to be beat) and my most recent excursion found me brunching at Aunties and Uncles on College, just East of Bathurst.

At first glance, Aunties and Uncles possesses the typical hipster vibe, adorned with worn out signage, multi-coloured picnic tables, tattooed servers and most notably, a line out the door.  Seeing as though the resto is #1 on BlogTO’s 2011 list of Best Brunches…I was under the impression that it’s all worth the wait.

Once we were seated at our diner-inspired table inside, we were presented with the specials which included a Breakfast Burger, special omelet and more, all in addition to the regular menu, which boasts many breakfast sandwiches, said to be the chef’s specialty.

After ordering one Breakfast Burger, the Breakfast Pocket, French Toast, and plenty of beverages (it was a Sunday morning, after all), we awaited our meals patiently….and then not so patiently…and then irritably. Once our meals did arrive, we all agreed that the main features of our plates (burger, pocket, toast) were quite pleasant, while the sides (home fries and greens) lacked flavor and certainly weren’t note-worthy. I’ve always been a firm believer in sides not taking the backseat to a dish, and I don’t believe Aunties and Uncles follows that mantra.

Breakfast Burger / Breakfast Pocket / French Toast

The worst moment of our Sunday brunch experience came at the very end though, when the restaurant’s cash only policy was enforced on us with the utmost attitude. Add to that, a receipt with mere numbers (with no indication as to their corresponding meal) was presented to us, a group of 3, who each ordered food at different price points. I’m always told by friends who have history in serving that dividing bills is actually NOT an impossible task like so many make it out to be. But alas, the following steps needed to take place before we could go on our merry ways: A) Run to the bank for cash B) Retrieve the menus to figure out who’s was who’s and C) Take out our calculators to divvy it all up. Of course, no help was offered by our server who was too busy chatting nearby while we put on our thinking caps.

All in all, I can’t say whether this was all an unfortunate turn of events, but I can surely say it was enough to convince me to never return. There are far too many restaurants in this glorious city, that welcome guests with open arms, pay attention to your needs, and help wherever they can. It’s true what they say, service really is everything. And in a nutshell, a few mouth-watering potatoes go a long way too.

What’s your favourite BRUNCH spot in Toronto?

Summerlicious at Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill

As summer reaches its climax, Torontonians take to the streets for the best of music, wine, beer, art and food. Summerlicious is the epitome of summer festivals for foodies and winos alike, allowing just about anyone to enjoy the finest restaurants Toronto has to offer, 181 of them, to be precise. With such a volume of participating restaurants, Torontonians can easily fall prey to high-end restos serving small portions that are big on flavour, but low on benefits – leaving patrons with grumbling stomachs, and disappointed reviews. Luckily for us, many restaurants look to this time for the ultimate in experimentation and culinary delight – offering prix fixe menus with enough scrumptious food to fill you up and bring you joy.

One of the best Oyster joints in Toronto, Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill located on Adelaide, just East of Church, offers the sort of Summerlicious menu that leaves you wanting to make a second reservation during the event’s two week spurt.

On the first night of Summerlicious, I had the pleasure of dining at Starfish, the fish lovers paradise, and I must say that the $35 meal is certainly worth it. If you’re a seafood lover, you should definitely visit this quaint spot, Summerlicious or not.

Seafood Tower

The seafood tower proved to be a popular choice, as I saw the inspired stack of oyster, clam, mussel, prawn, sashimi and crab fill each table surrounding us – and consequently, ours too. This little tower of the sea’s creatures was tasty and fun to devour, but most importantly, fresh as can be! Other appetizer options include a Spanish style tomato, cod and chorizo chowder, or house smoked haddock fish cakes.

Unlike many Summerlicious locations, our mains were filling and well proportioned. The PEI mussels and house cut fries are the classic choice – and made just as one would expect, with white wine, garlic, lemon and herbs. Why mess with a good thing, right? I chose the Irish organic salmon with risotto, which was delightful. Important to note that the risotto is not what one would typically envision (rich, creamy), this has a tomato base with barley, peas and basil, much better suited to a fish ensemble.

Organic salmon with risotto / PEI mussels and house cut frites

Desserts were definitely edible but nothing to rave about. I would suggest the sticky toffee pudding (or STP as they call it) over the poached apricot with raspberry reduction and vanilla ice cream, which wasn’t too exciting (although the ice cream and reduction alone were lovely together).

Sticky toffee pudding / Apricot with vanilla ice cream

Other menu options are marked at “Special Summerlicious Prices” so if you’re looking to order a dozen Oysters, you may as well take advantage while the price is right.
For more information on participating Summerlicious restaurants, click here.

Summerlicious ends July 22!
Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill
100 Adelaide Street East

Starfish Summerlicious Menu

Midday Musings

In need of a little midday distraction? Well just like Katie’s divorce lawyer, I’m here to save the day! Behold, midday musings in a nutshell.

American Apparel, more vintage than ever
Thankfully, American Apparel is not in the news for the usual underage teen advertising issue. Quite the contrary in fact. Meet Jacky, a grey-haired granny with great style and youthful beauty. Discovered on the streets of NYC, she’s the newest face of AA’s Basics campaign, and while I’m not a fan of the brand per se, I do enjoy this concept.

Toronto Foodie, on a budget?
This Friday, July 6, marks the beginning of Summerlicious, the fabulous two-week event that allows the regular joe or jane to dine at the city’s finest restaurants, with a fixed menu and affordable price. If you’ve been saving up for a dreamy meal at the latest hotspot, take advantage of this genius event and be sure to make a reservation! Toronto Life has compiled a list of best bets from the 181 participating restaurants.

Closet Confidential
If you’re feeling really confident about your closet right now, I trust that what I’m about to show you will reverse that feeling entirely. Whitney Port’s closet. Need I say more?

Diane Fever
The Chanel Fall 2012 Couture show took place in Paris yesterday, and if we’ve learned anything from past seasons, all anyone wants to know is…what did Diane Kruger wear?
The answer, below.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at Chanel Fall 2012 Couture

Five planks of wood, a few nails and some paint – Ta da!

Sometimes those summer paychecks deserve only to be spent on weekend getaways, afternoon drinks and nights on the town – but our homes need some loving too! Enter the do-it-yourself fad. If you’re looking to release your crafty side this weekend, browse the best DIY sites on the web for inspiration:

PS I made this
Honestly WTF
DIY Network
Park and Cube



1 2 3 4 5

Don’t Fall for it

That moment when the first sets of trees turn from vibrant green to brilliant orange, and warm breezes are scarce in the face of brisk gusts – and you are left to contemplate a wardrobe filled with Summer’s cheerful hues and lightweight materials, each as unsuitable as the next. Every year, the transition to Fall is a shock to the system, and we are left puzzled with the thought of dusting off Winter’s wools. Throughout these sun-drenched months, we are all inclined to get our hands on the tiniest of skirts, the sheerest of tops, and the brightest summer dresses, leaving us with a wardrobe stocked full of clothing appropriate for just a little less than a quarter of the year. The solution to our transitional woes is to avoid this behavior altogether – stick to materials, shades and cuts that allow for some cool-weather tweaking, facilitating a smooth transition with a pinch of wool, a few scarves, some leather boots, knee-highs and a beanie or two (not all in one sitting, of course).

Sure, every patio-hopper and park-dweller requires a collection of summer’s best, but quality over quantity reigns if you expect to greet Fall with open arms.

Next time you’re perusing the racks, put down the garden party dress, and look to longer hemlines and more subdued patterns. When Labor Day rolls around, you’ll gladly adorn that summer purchase with the help of your favourite leather jacket and cozy scarf. Versatility at its best. In a nutshell, don’t fall for the oversized florals, the bright color blocks or the peek-a-boo fabrics, editing your shopping habits is easier than you’d think!

The Fall 2012 runways did not fall short on street style inspiration; the typical eccentric footwear, futuristic makeup and extravagant ball gowns were met with simple silhouettes, versatile separates and muses aplenty. There’s nothing better than having that guiding light for the season ahead, in the form of luxury clothing and impeccable styling. Scroll through for some inspiring looks from the Fall runways, followed by 6 street stylers who pull off the Fall transition sublimely, with a little help from the colour wheel.

Images via 1, 2

Puppy Love

Impulse purchases, rash decisions, uttering words I wish I hadn’t – these are each apart of my everyday existence. I’m not the type to sit around contemplating and dwelling, wondering if I should have bought it, if I should return it or whether I should do this or try that. This is a character trait that both haunts me and delights me.

There’s no denying that my most recent decision was spontaneous, leading me to alter my daily schedule, my sleeping pattern and any future travel plans. Of course, all sense of practicality vanished when I laid eyes on a small pup locked behind a tall cage, whimpering at the possibility of freedom, and clearly restless from an overdose of time spent in a concrete cell.

A shy little guy with white fur, save for one brown ear, had waited just a few weeks for his new parents to find him. He was dropped off by an ungrateful, aggressive owner, who certainly didn’t treat him like the innocent, harmless dog that he is. So there he stayed, at Toronto Animal Services, patiently undergoing tests and procedures to ensure proper health. At three years old, he was no new kid on the block, not a spry pup like so many adoption-hopefuls long for.

I’ve visited my fair share of animal shelters, and sad as they are, it’s so comforting to watch young children find their new playmates, or elderly couples retrieve their equally senior pets – similar to watching families reunite at the airport à la Love Actually. It warms my heart to see once abandoned fur balls find people who will show them how to trust again, and convince them they aren’t destined for an imprisoned life. For those reasons, I’m proud to say the newest member of the Curtis-Pare household is Henry the chihuahua (mix?), who doesn’t go a day without showing just how much he appreciates his new home by way of cuddles, tricks, licks or cries. Although he is sweet as can be to most, he is easily frightened by loud noises or drastic movements, which is why it is our job to bless him with that sense of comfort that will put him at ease. There will always be challenges to adopting mature animals from shelters, but it’s my thought that those additional efforts are worth the extra-appreciative love these animals have to give.

If you’re thinking of adding a kitten, a rabbit, a guinea pig or a dog to your family, please be sure to visit your nearest SPCA. The Toronto Humane Society updates their website everyday and there are plenty of Animal Services locations around the city. A common misconception of shelters is that they only have mature animals, but truly, they are brimming with pets of all ages, just waiting for their saving grace. The staff at these places have a genuine adoration for animals, they get to know each new arrival individually, matching them with the best fit for a forever home. What’s remarkable is that they are not looking to unload their pets, they have a strict screening process to ensure all families are prepared for what’s to come. Larger dogs are generally not given to people living in apartments, and personalities that don’t deal well with small children, will not be sent out to hectic households.

Sometimes, impulse purchases are those that pay off the most. While I’ve certainly had to adjust my lifestyle, I do not long for a life without Henry in it, and most comforting of all, it’s clear that the feeling is mutual. In a nutshell, I encourage you to visit your nearest shelter, it may just be that the companion you’ve always yearned for is awaiting you patiently.

Home at last (and smiling!)

Toronto Animal Services
Toronto Humane Society
Ottawa Humane Society
Montreal SPCA