About Us

This is a blog that unites the minds and hearts of a group of girlfriends that came together from all corners of the country. We don’t really remember how we found each other, but the bottom line is that we did.

After four years of tireless studies and countless parties, we have each developed a passion for everything a typical young woman loves; music, cuisine, fashion, pop culture and everything in between. Especially Tequila.

As women of the digital age, we have websites bookmarked by the hundreds, but no one place to find it all. That’s where we come in. Here you’ll find the uncensored lifestyle of a young Canadian woman.

Although we are almost never in the same city, we now have a place where we can all meet …in a nutshell.

Read more about the Nuts:
Meghan Brown – @megb723
Jess Huddleston – @jesshuddles
Catherine Kitts – @catkitts
Kate Lalumiere – @katelalu
Kaylee Paré – @kpare21

Photo by Susan Ganas.


9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. this is amazing!! so proud of you ladies, and such a FAB “about us” page! i’ve definitely added inanutshell.ca to my bookmarks :D

    way to go! oxo

  2. your Bachelor recaps are so freakin hilarious! I look forward to reading them every week! Love the recipe ideas as well. You ladies rock!

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