Toronto Brunch: Aunties & Uncles

Toronto is brimming with quaint bistros and diners that serve up creative versions of breakfast classics. I’ve explored the likes of the Drake Cafe, School in Liberty Village (yet to be beat) and my most recent excursion found me brunching at Aunties and Uncles on College, just East of Bathurst.

At first glance, Aunties and Uncles possesses the typical hipster vibe, adorned with worn out signage, multi-coloured picnic tables, tattooed servers and most notably, a line out the door.  Seeing as though the resto is #1 on BlogTO’s 2011 list of Best Brunches…I was under the impression that it’s all worth the wait.

Once we were seated at our diner-inspired table inside, we were presented with the specials which included a Breakfast Burger, special omelet and more, all in addition to the regular menu, which boasts many breakfast sandwiches, said to be the chef’s specialty.

After ordering one Breakfast Burger, the Breakfast Pocket, French Toast, and plenty of beverages (it was a Sunday morning, after all), we awaited our meals patiently….and then not so patiently…and then irritably. Once our meals did arrive, we all agreed that the main features of our plates (burger, pocket, toast) were quite pleasant, while the sides (home fries and greens) lacked flavor and certainly weren’t note-worthy. I’ve always been a firm believer in sides not taking the backseat to a dish, and I don’t believe Aunties and Uncles follows that mantra.

Breakfast Burger / Breakfast Pocket / French Toast

The worst moment of our Sunday brunch experience came at the very end though, when the restaurant’s cash only policy was enforced on us with the utmost attitude. Add to that, a receipt with mere numbers (with no indication as to their corresponding meal) was presented to us, a group of 3, who each ordered food at different price points. I’m always told by friends who have history in serving that dividing bills is actually NOT an impossible task like so many make it out to be. But alas, the following steps needed to take place before we could go on our merry ways: A) Run to the bank for cash B) Retrieve the menus to figure out who’s was who’s and C) Take out our calculators to divvy it all up. Of course, no help was offered by our server who was too busy chatting nearby while we put on our thinking caps.

All in all, I can’t say whether this was all an unfortunate turn of events, but I can surely say it was enough to convince me to never return. There are far too many restaurants in this glorious city, that welcome guests with open arms, pay attention to your needs, and help wherever they can. It’s true what they say, service really is everything. And in a nutshell, a few mouth-watering potatoes go a long way too.

What’s your favourite BRUNCH spot in Toronto?


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