Happy Birthday Kate!

This past weekend, the ladies of inanutshell were lucky enough to all be in the same city. A rare occasion, as we all lead hectic lifestyles, our paths crossed for a very special event: Kate’s Birthday. Not only a wonderful writer, who we’re so lucky to have as a member of this blog, Kate’s passion for food and wine has only deepened over the past year and it has been such a pleasure to watch her flourish in her element. We’ve watched her excel in her work at one of Ottawa’s top restaurants and succeed in her studies to become a Sommelier. Furthermore, Kate is fiercely loyal, passionate and hilarious. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to chase adventure with, she’s always willing to step in or step up. Her dedication to her loved ones is unmatched and we’re so grateful to call her our friend. Happy Birthday to our little Lalu, we can’t wait to see what wonderful things your 24th year brings you.

While we had an all-day, all-night celebration on Saturday, here’s what we would do if we could throw her the ultimate Birthday soiree…

On the OUTFIT, Kaylee says…

Kate is a definition fashionista. She loves getting dressed up, and always looks fabulous from head-to-toe. She’s known for her affinity to Club Monaco, her sky-high wedges, and those perfectly curled brown locks. Of all us nuts, she takes the most risks when it comes to style, and they always pay off. Lace short shorts, cropped tanks, silk blouses, antique rings, and lust-worthy statement necklaces are among her go-to pieces, but she’s always on the cutting edge, being the first to rock a floral romper or tie her top in a knot paired with a high-waisted skirt. The lovely birthday girl can teach us all a lesson in risk-taking, blending trends old and new and continually redefining personal style.

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

On the FOOD, Cat says…

While Kate has many talents and interests, one of her greatest passions is definitely food. Whether it’s by pointing us to a delicious dish, through her informative restaurant reviews or simply being lucky enough to tag along as her dinner companion, our resident foodie has taught us all a thing or two about pleasing the palate. After many years in the food industry Kate knows what she likes but is always more than willing to be adventurous at mealtime, diving into the untraditional or the exotic. That’s why for her birthday food board we chose a mix of some of her staple favourites and some menu items that would make the average diner say … “What IS that?” Paired with some fine wines, delicious cocktails and post-dinner shots (of tequila), a memorable meal is the key to this birthday girl’s heart.

On the drinks, MEGHAN says…

Kate is definitely our wine connoisseur and for her Birthday, she deserves nothing less than a variety of wines to choose from. Cue two whites (Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc and Pillitterie Estates Gewürztraminer Riesling) and two reds (Kim Crawford Pinot Noir and Pirramimma Petit Verdot) that Kate has raved about in the past, along with a high-end bottle of bubbles, like Veuve Cliquot. Nothing but the best for this jem! Aside from wine, Kate often turns to a classic Old Fashioned cocktail (à la Don Draper) with plenty of muddled fruit to start off the evening. And to finish everything off? A Spanish coffee. Perfection.

On the music, JESS says…

Most random playlist ever? I prefer to think of it as eclectic – something that Kate is in every way. As you’ll read in her food and restaurant reviews and tales of traveling, Kate is one of the most open-minded and free-spirited girls I know – always willing to try something once and never one to deprive her senses of anew experience. Kate has incredible taste in music – both new and old – so I thought the birthday girl deserved a well-rounded, upbeat playlist with plenty of genre samples that are for the most part brand spankin’ new.  A little variety, excitement and groove for the fabulously outgoing girl who will always try something new on the menu of life.

1. Dull to Pause – The Junior Boys 2. New God Flow – Kanye West feat.Pusha T 3. Gaucho  Dave Matthews 4. Pyramids – Frank Ocean 5.Flutes – Hot Chip 6. One Love to Another – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros 7. Words in the Fire – Patrick Watson 8. 1904 – Tallest Man on Earth 9.Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey 10.Wildest Moments – Jessie Ware 11.The Keepers – Santigold feat. The Knocks 12.Heaven – The Walkmen

Celebrating Kate’s Birthday at HOPE Volleyball Summerfest with the nuts and some lovely ladies!


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