A Day to Remember

I like to think of inanutshell as a great way not only to share our perspectives and thoughts on a variety of subjects, but also a place to share exciting and special moments in our lives with a wide group. We’ve written posts like this in the past, where we highlight special events and share our sentimental moments. On Wednesday, I had one of those days that I will inevitably remember and cherish for a life time.

If you follow our blog, you know that I recently completed the requirements for my Master’s Degree at Carleton University. Wednesday was my Commencement. Not only special because it recognized my scholastic accomplishments, but because it brought together some of the people that I am most thankful for and most inspired by. And even though I was missing a few people due to distance, they all took the time to congratulate me and celebrate my success from afar.

My ceremony was held on Carleton University’s campus and we had a private celebration at one of my favourite places in Ottawa – Fresco Bistro Italiano on Elgin Street. If you even want to celebrate a special event, I highly recommend this establishment. The food and drinks are to die for, the atmosphere is amazing and the service is always impecible. I was lucky enough to have local photographer, Susan Ganas, come along for the whole day and the photos that she took are so phenomenal that I just HAVE to share them with all our readers.

To all the other graduates who have celebrated this week, I’d like to Congratulate you for all your success and I wish you all the best of luck in the future!

**all photos courtesy of Susan Ganas.

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Meghan is inanutshell’s contributor who has a lot of different interests and a strong (and humorous) opinion. As a Martha Stewart wanna-be, you can expect lots of delicious recipes, DIY projects and organization tips from her. A lover of pop culture and anything buzzworthy, you can count on her to write about things that she's currently obsessing over and provide colour commentary on a variety of topics. Bad Habit: Reformed (still working on it) Nail Biter/ Favourite Food: Mashed Potatoes / Favourite Restaurant: El Camino / Wine of Choice: Riesling / Favorite Song: Don’t Stop Believing / Favourite Music Genre: Everything, but rap & hip hop have my heart / Favorite Movie: It’s A Wonderful Life / Favorite TV Series: Grey’s Anatomy or Friends/ Favourite Sport: Hockey / Favourite Team: Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators / Blackberry or iPhone: iPhone / Favorite Book: Lolita /

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