Father’s Day Gift Guide

Ever find yourself one week before a holiday, special event, birthday, without a gift in sight or in mind? Haven’t we all? Consider this your reminder that Father’s Day is four Sundays away, and now’s the time to start hanging onto his every word (for clues) and keeping an eye out for the perfect pressie. Sometimes the best way to surprise your old man is by thinking far enough in advance to order something special online. This way, rather than buying from the mall nearest to you, you’ve browsed countless retailers from the comfort of your home, likely finding something he’s never seen before.

The Foodie: He’s the master of the grill, knows exactly how you like your steak, and he’s the king of cocktails. Sometimes a kitchen gadget can seem more like you’re gifting him with a chore than a treat, so be sure to choose carefully! As a recent Nespresso convert, I’d say this is a perfect gift for you and your siblings to go in on. It’s the gift that keeps on giving…each morning when he sips that delicious espresso (cappuccino, latte…) he’ll be reminded of his thoughtful children. If you’ve got a beer lover on your hands, why not gift him with a memorable experience? Like brewing his own beer perhaps? Finally, for all that summer entertaining, a salad bowl and servers with a twist (add a cookbook for the perfect set!)

1. Joseph Joseph’s Salad Bowl + Servers, $42
2. Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit, $40
3. Nespresso Citiz & Milk Server, $299*

*If you live in Montreal, visit 1101 Laurier for endless Foodie ideas for dad! You won’t leave empty handed.

The Intellect: He’s taught you every historical fact you know, he’s an avid traveler, and his book shelf resembles your neighborhood Chapters. Even if he loves to collect novels, a Kobo reader will become his saving grace when it comes to traveling. Thin, light and easy to read…all you have to do is show him how to download the latest bestseller. If you happen to know where his next trip will be, Palomar’s maps are the perfect gift. Rip-proof, waterproof, fade-proof..they are made to be stuffed into that last crevice of a suitcase, making them the ideal road maps for his next tourist moment. Lastly, the more golf tidbits he can share on the course, the better…so why not gift him with the latest read?

1. American Triumvirate: The Modern Age of Golf, $18
2. Palomar Crumpled City Maps, $19.95
3. Kobo eReader Touch, $99.99

The Groupie: My dad is the ultimate groupie – he’ll spend hours editing playlists, seeking out new music, and searching iTunes for that jam he listened to at summer camp in the 70s. I’ve already given him two things on this list, and both were very well received. A Pink Floyd t-shirt is the ultimate groupie gift, he’ll wear it proudly and look hip and young doing so. I’d be surprised if your groupie dad didn’t already own an iPod, so Apple TV is the next best thing. Ever since I gave my dad this Apple gizmo, the TV situation at my home has changed drastically. Access to Netflix, your iTunes library and most importantly…the iStore, he can watch and/or listen to just about anything he desires. Finally, “1001 Albums you Must Hear Before You Die” is the perfect coffee table piece, and will likely remind him of a few (hundred) bands he had long forgotten.

1. Pink Floyd T-Shirt – Wish You Were Here, $20
2. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, $22
3. Apple TV, $109

The Fashionisto: While yes, my dad definitely fits in the Groupie category, he also fits in here. For the pop that likes looking dapper, a new watch for his collection is always fun to mix things up, and he may just like it more than his current one! (Here I’m assuming that every dad owns a watch…it feels like a staple). Next up, a crisp button down for everyday wear or a special soiree. Just like women and their shoes, he can never have enough shirts. Finally, show him that you really care by proving exactly what he’s been telling you all along; “Dads are the original hipsters” – seriously, this is a hilarious read!

1. Fossil Men’s Machine Taupe IP, $135
2. Polo Ralph Lauren Check Cotton Shirt, $90
3. “Dads Are the Original Hipsters” by Brad Getty, $12.95

Father’s Day is June 17th! Happy Shopping.


2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide

  1. 1101 is definitely the best gift/kitchenware store in Montreal. My life would not be the same without it.

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