Dear Mama

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.  ~Author Unknown

Mother’s Day is Sunday.

And no, it’s not a Hallmark holiday created by greedy floral companies looking to cash in on the cream of their “May flowers” crop. It’s a day to truly honour those remarkably special women, who never cease to amaze, drop everything in an instant, or fail to come up with the perfect advice. It’s a day where “Thank You” really just doesn’t seem enough for the  most special people on the planet: our moms.

Kaylee & Dee

Speaking in very general terms, I know many women in their twenties have that epiphany moment where they realize just how much our mothers have not simply done for us, but devoted and sacrificed. All the while being patient, poised and impossibly preoccupied.

Sometimes I look back and wonder just how she did it. All of it. And hope I will one day be half the mother she is.

As inanutshell approaches its one year anniversary, I don’t think the timing could be any more perfect for this post. Because, like every lopsided science project, talent show performance, first day on the job and crazy new idea– our moms have played such a supportive and encouraging role for us and this blog we’ve come to love.

Meghan & Darla.

From helping us write our intro, to leaving us hilarious comments, sharing with coworkers, “liking” our Facebook updates (how trendy, Mom!) and most of all, being avid readers – they’ve never missed a moment to let us know that they’re all proud of their favourite (and only!) daughters.

Kate & Jackie

So here’s a big “Thank You more than words can say” from these five nuts, and really for all Mom’s out there, because truly what job is more important and what person more pivotal? And luckily, we are now old enough to appreciate that.

If you haven’t already planned what you’re getting your leading lady this Sunday here are a few tips.

Catherine & Louise

All tried, tested and true:

1)      Afternoon Tea
Obviously stealing this idea from our resident half-Brit, Kate, I treated my Mom to Afternoon Tea at the Château Laurier, in Ottawa, one year and it was one of the most enjoyable afternoons I’ve ever had. For $30 at the capital’s most elegant hotel, you get a choice of delicious tea, Victorian Scones w/ Devonshire cream and an array of tasty finger sandwiches. Sound a little too prim and proper? It’s really quite lovely.  Doing something out of the ordinary like this will definitely leave a special imprint on both of your memories. Not to mention it sets the scene for a great catch-up sesh. I highly doubt there’s any room left on the reso list for THIS Mother’s Day, but giving your Mom an IOU (and actually following through!) is a great plan if you still haven’t picked anything up.
In Toronto: Windsor Arms Hotel gets a great review
In Montreal: Fairmont Queen Elisabeth has a similar set up to the Chateau Laurier (AND it’s only $25)

2) Nordik Spa / any spa
It’s not the first time I’ve raved up Nordik Spa on nutshell. It is admittedly my favourite place to go in all of Ottawa. Well, it’s not exactly in Ottawa, but you get the idea. Located only a 10 minute drive from downtown in Chelsea, it is THE destination for ultimate relaxation. I actually prefer to go in the winter when running from sauna to hot tub includes a chilly jaunt through snow surrounded paths. But, for the over-worked momma it’s a “knock-it-out-of-the-park” kind of gift. Just make sure to go during the day, it’s more of a couple’s scene at night – and let me tell you, it’s not just the baths that get steamy.
Access to the baths is $45, so you’re looking at minimum $100 for the day. It also offers a wide range of other spa services from massages to body treatments (if you’re a baller). The restaurant is deliciously yummy too.
Although I can’t rave enough about Nordik, let’s be serious. Any sort of spa day for you & Mom would be a huge hit. Who doesn’t like getting pampered? I’ll answer that, no one.
Scandinavian spa near Toronto: Blue Mountain, similar in price to Nordik (2 hours outside TO, South Georgian Bay)
In Montreal: Scandinave, same company as above, in Vieux-Montréal

3) Nice Meal
It’s safe to say, most of the nuts are pretty big foodies. That might be why I love bringing my parents to new restaurants on celebratory occasions. It’s a classic way to treat someone and it’s always well appreciated. But, one year for Mother’s Day I decided to have my parents over to my place and cook up a huge spread for them, my boyfriend and I. Granted, this was a few years ago and was probably all the more impressive given that my mom probably had no idea I even knew how to cook – at all. But, I could tell by the huge smile plastered on her face for the entirety of the afternoon that she was impressed. Not just by the meal, but all the trouble I went to in preparing it. Nothing says you care like slaving away in the kitchen, and we all know how much our Mom’s have done that for us.

4) Pandora
As you can see, I like giving “activity” gifts. Not just for Mom but any person I care about and want to spend time with. It becomes especially important to me with my mother, however, because the hectic life that comes with being a young professional and part-time party animal means I really don’t see my Mom enough. But, if you’re going for something material, a Pandora bracelet is probably the perfect gift. Not only is it jewelry, which is obviously always a hit, but it’s personal. I bought my mom a Pandora bracelet for Christmas and my brother and I were both able to give her little charms that were significant and meaningful. Plus, you can stop worrying about what to get her for her birthday and Christmas for the next decade until her bracelet is full. It’s the charm bracelet of the 21st century and makes a lot less noise than the old fashioned ones. Hallelujah.

5) Breakfast in bed
I think most of us can automatically cross this off the list, since we do not live in our parents homes. But, seeing as this is a Mother’s Day post, I just could not bear to leave it off. For years and years Mother’s Day meant waking up early, forcing mom to stay in bed and my brothers and I marching one by one up the stairs to deliver plates of delicious breakfast foods, courtesy of my Dad. So, this one is not really for the gals but more for all prospective fathers out there. As much as my Mom probably appreciated the attention and having us all clamber onto her bed in an attempt to spoil (and not annoy) her, it’s a memory I love and will keep with me for all time.

Happy early Mother’s Day, Mommies.


7 thoughts on “Dear Mama

  1. Oh Cat…now you have me all weepy at work! And it’s thanks to you, our exquisite daughters, who bring the best out of us moms. Lucky us. xox

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone amazing Mother around the world, and especially the women behind these women :) My Mom is my best friend and the love of my life – deserves a day with all of these things and more! xoxo

  3. I am totally a puddle right now. I hope this comes out OK as I can’t really see through my blurry eyes. Good thing I learned keyboarding in my youth.:)
    Thank you so very much for all the extremely touching comments… best Mothers’ Day present ever!!

  4. Cat, you have written a superb article honoring mothers on their very special day of the year.
    In recounting past Mother’s Day events within your own experience and commenting on the tremendous value that mothers provide to the lives of their children in general, you managed to evoke emotion in your own mother as well, I am sure, in the mothers of your four pals and mothers everywhere.
    Providing a few possibilities for Inanutshell followers to participate in with their own mothers was a great idea.
    However, the flip side is that their are some fathers out their (closely aligned with the five inanutshell group of beauties) and, in fact, a much larger group of fathers I would guess who are anxiously awaiting…perhaps with a little anxiety…what you inanutshell nuts (Catlink, Reese, Munchkin/Walton, Fashionista, and last but certainly not least the one and only, Bonzo) will reveal to the masses for June 21st.
    Uuummmm, I have a feeling that none of the fathers that you girls know personally will really be that keen about Afternoon Tea at the Chateau Laurier Hotel, but that night-time Spa thing does sound rather exciting.
    In any event, I really believe that what you have written has given much credence to the old saying……………………..’LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER’.
    You five girls are great and so are your mothers.
    Congratulations to you (The Formidable Five) for turning out the way you have and congratulations to your mothers (The Wonderful Mothers of The Formidable Five) for somehow having managed to end up celebrating Mother’s Day with five lovely, adult daughters who all just happen to be formidable.

  5. So Catherine, you made me cry… is all I can say! And it is exactly how I feel about my Mom :0)! Here’s to our 5 amazing daughters…. I know that each of us (the 5 Moms) are very proud of each of you. P.S. I also know, that when it is time in the future and you choose to, each of you will be amazing Moms… Thank you for making us feel so special and loved! xo Darla

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