Toronto Fashion Week: Rudsak F/W 2012

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the name Rudsak, is leather …and don’t expect that to change anytime soon. For Fall 2012, Evik Asatoorian, the creative mind behind Rudsak, brought his impeccable use of leather to whole new heights, adding features that make his autumn staple – the leather jacket – a fresh, revolutionized piece, fitting for any modern wardrobe. With fur being the key tool for transformation, coats were trimmed, lined and all-out flanked in it, and the end result was nothing short of fab-u-lous.

Let me explain. Leather and fur for Fall/Winter is not revolutionary in the slightest. But the collection’s rendition of the two staples certainly made it seem that way. My personal favourite of the collection was a fitted leather jacket with only the pockets and collar covered in fur (pictured below) – unexpected composition at its finest.

While every spectator undoubtedly expected to see Rudsak cover all the Fall basics, it was the Winter-wear that I think will truly have customers excited for the cold. Wool jackets with zipper, fur and (you guessed it) leather detailing, looked warm as can be, and everything but bulky.

A trait that sets the “Canadian catwalk” (as TO Fashion Week likes to call it) apart from the shows we see in New York, Paris and Milan, is the utter attention it pays to outerwear, quietly leaving all other elements at the wayside. Pants, tops and jewelry take a back seat to the crucial coats, hats, gloves and boots that equip us for Winter. It’s no wonder that we can whole-heartedly relate to the clothes that are developed in Canada, easily envisioning ourselves in the statement-making jackets that we so crave for those drab Winter months. In a nutshell, head to a Rudsak near you for everything you need to prepare for Fall 2012 or Winter 2013 – but if you’re against fur and leather, shield your eyes!

Designer Evik Asatoorian

And now over to JESS…

Walk This Way: What did Rudsak strut to?

Perched alongside the runway of my first proper fashion show, one pricey glass of champagne deep while Kaylee prepped her camera for eager snapping and I positioned my thumbs to take Blackberry notes, it was one of the first times I truly felt like we were living in Toronto. Sure, the past two weeks have been filled with endless excitement, excursions and sampling of this divine big city, but sitting there amidst the clicking tall heels, industry aficionado’s double cheek kisses, casually cool high fashion and my own little style muse right next to me – it finally hit home.

So, imagine my contentment when the lights of the bustling hall faded, a neon highway time-lapse flashed onto the screen, the first model paraded from backstage across the stretch of shiny white runway and CSS’ pushy dance track “City Grrrls” pounded through the speakers. Very Toronto, indeed.

The Brazilian party-rock collective’s cocky track – a mix of berating lyrics, pulsing rock keyboard, horn loops and an echoey rave beat— was the perfect rhythm to orchestrate the walks of Rudsak’s straight-faced models as their ankles flicked one in front of the other from under their animalistic fall wear. The song, out in late 2011, boasts about the freedom of real fashion and living life “just like a movie,” nailing the essence of the event with the chorus – an aggressive chant of “Short shorts, short skirts, flower tops denim shirts, in the big city nothing hurts.”

Before the song adjourned, I excitedly could hear it was transitioning right into the MSTRKFRFT remix of one of my favourite songs of 2007, Wolfmother’s “Woman.” Although Rudsak’s fall line was demonstrated by both male and female models, the woman-worshipping rock anthem mixed with the Toronto electronica duo’s flashy clap tempo and swirling synth seemed to pump even more confidence into the swagger of the layered, smoky-eyed lady models as they powered down the stretch. The howl of Andrew Stockdale’s shrill voice singing “She’s a woman, you know what I mean, you better listen, listen to me” blared over our heads as we looked on, and once again, while the expensive perfume floated through the air and smears of jungle red lipstick decorated every second onlookers’ head – my whereabouts were just that much more validated, and appreciated. To finish off the clothing showcase, I was happy to hear the monotone sass of Miss Kittin and the growl of her keyboard effects on the throbbing dance track “Grace” – a sexy but minimalistic tune that geared down the show and cued the parade of models and the designer’s quick wave to the audience.

As what would be expected from such a lively cultural exposition, the music of Rudsak’s 2012/2013 collection was absolutely grabbing and upbeat; nearly difficult to sit still to, while the procession of sleek figures filed down the runway almost timed exactly to the bang of the heavy house-infused beats. The wild manes of fur stretched around shiny leather jackets, the striking combat boots, pin-straight hair styles and edgy tailored clothing would have overpowered anything less cutting-edge than electronica or house music – so it’s only appropriate that on this great city night, two new city girls were able to say they tapped their toes on the runway to some big city beats.



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One thought on “Toronto Fashion Week: Rudsak F/W 2012

  1. This looked like it was the greatest time! I’m so so jealous of you nuts. The Rudsak collection looks amazing and very “ready-to-wear” to say the least! I love the composition of the mixed materials on each coat! The only thing throwing me off a little is the resemblance to previous collection and the trademark look of Mackage jackets. In any case, Rudsak will definitely be a shopping destination next winter season.

    And just thought I should let you know that all three songs you posted about have all been added to my spring playlist :) Love the coverage Jess, I may be in touch for more playlist recommendations!

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