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Is it just me, or does your pharmacy bill always shock you? You empty your basket, filled with the usual suspects; conditioner, lotion, some concealer, a new polish and a few odds and ends …and somehow the tally is $60 and up. Beauty products are relentlessly pricey, and quite often, I find myself reaching for a product I know nothing about because a) it’s on sale, b) the bottle’s pretty or c) I’m just feeling frisky. These impulse buys are what make up (no pun intended..) the contents of my bottom drawer; the products I hardly use due to their futile qualities. Just what I need, another thing to remind me that I’m genius at throwing away money. The only real solution to this careless buying pattern is to spread the word about products that will never disappoint. Those products that make you want to tell every woman who has complained of dry hands or expressed self-consciousness for dark under-eye circles. I recently discovered a product that made me do just that, and it got me thinking; Halle Barry, Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson are all beautiful women, and seeing them wear the latest product may subconsciously make me feel like I’ll start to look like them upon purchase…but if a friend were to tell me she discovered the greatest mascara of all time, I would buy it instantly. It’s a little thing called word of mouth marketing, and it’s really the most beneficial form of advertising for all involved parties. So, in an effort to stop the relentless cycle of buying unnecessary, ineffective products, here are some items I think you should reach for on your next trip down those overwhelming beauty aisles.

If you’ve ever complained about your dry hands, buy this product NOW. Seriously, it will be the best $10 you’ve ever spent. Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream is absolutely non-greasy and, brace yourself…it lasts through hand washes. A little dollop of this golden lotion instantly returns my hands to their soft, nourished state and that glorious feeling lasts for hours.

A friend of mine introduced me to this light and effective face cream (word-of-mouth…the bomb). Among the sea of big brand names and broken promises, you’ll find this skinny, modest bottle. If you’re sick of caking on thick, greasy face creams, try some Complex 15 on for size. It’s oil-free, fragrance-free and dermatologist approved. Get it for $10.99

Most concealers offer you a single stick of your perfect shade, and that’s all fine and dandy. But what happens when you have a red spot, dark under eye circles, or you’ve got a little tan? Lise Watier Portfolio Correctors has got you covered. With three shades of beige, and green and lilac for unfortunate pimples/circles, this is the ideal travel companion and/or daily palette. Approximately $30.

Absolutely all of my friends use this, and somehow we all discovered it on our own, and recently noticed we’re all fans. Eye make-up remover can so often be greasy, painful and ineffective. NIVEA’s eye make-up remover is a lotion that’s so delicate, your eyes will never become irritated, but they’ll always end up make-up free. $10.99 for this one.

I think we’re all onboard with this one, but I’m such a fan that I couldn’t help but include it. While there are undoubtedly some Essie and OPI fans out there, let’s be honest and admit to ourselves that $10 for ONE bottle of polish is a bit much. Revlon releases new shades so often that the latest trends and recent season influences, are always covered. It’s great quality polish and HELLO, it’s $4.99.

All above products available at a pharmacy near you.

I’d love to know your go-to products! Any hidden gems I should try?


3 thoughts on “Beauty Buys

  1. I get updates via email from our blog. Just love your style !
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  2. Nivea cream cleanser for the face. It’s amazing. Never leaves my face feeling “tight” after my pre-bedtime washing ritual. And for those lazy nights where I try to eliminate as many ritual steps as I can, this cleanser gets rid of my L’Oreal VOLUMINOUS Masacara too. (SHOUTOUT TO 8.99 MASCARA BEING THE BEST OUT THERE!! )

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