Monday Movie Music Moment

2011 was a big year for Hollywood. A myriad of incredible films have lined the silver screen over the last 12 months. Last night, millions of people around the world sat down in front of their television to pay homage to all that is Hollywood, in watching the Oscars.  Unsurprisingly, names like Meryl Streep and Jean Dujardin swept up the awards for leading roles. Best picture held a tight race between The Artist (winner), Moneyball, and The Help. At the end of the night, everyone seemed to have smiles on their faces and trophies in their hands. . . except for one deserving man.

In a nutshell’s favourite Hollywood heart-throb, Ryan Gosling, was completely snubbed for his accomplishments in two films from 2011, Drive and The Ides of March. Drive was nominated for Sound Editing and nothing more. If you have seen either of these films, you are probably well aware that Gosling delivered outstanding performances in both films and deserved at least an ounce more of recognition.

Despite the fact that we have featured this film in a Monday Movie Music Moment before, I wish to highlight the most heart-warming scene from Nicholas Winding Refn’s, Drive. I watched this film for the second time about 3 weeks ago and it still had that same stomach-churning, cover-your-eyes, remember-to-breathe effect on me. It is gruesome throughout and that is, without a doubt, why the Oscars disregarded this gruesome masterpiece in selecting nominees. However, there is a heart-warming moment in the movie that just wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t accompanied by a beautiful song.

This burst of happiness that sheds light upon the rest of the dark film, is truly a testament to how complex Gosling’s character really is, taking us from mobster shoot outs to sunny jaunts. “A Real Hero” by College summons images of a hero leading a mistreated woman and her son into a sunny field away from all external problems. This song is their bubble of happiness and a music moment to remember, if not by the Oscars at least by us. . . in a nutshell.

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