Friday’s Fashion Fix

The most famous Vogue editor-in-chief is Anna Wintour, a woman who controls the fashion world to such a degree that she often tells renowned designers like Oscar de la Renta and Valentino not to include certain looks in their runway shows. Even more shocking? They always listen. She’s integral in the high-fashion world, but she’s often seen as a stern figure, who takes herself and the work she does, a little too seriously.

The newest addition to the group of Vogue editors is Emanuelle Alt, the edgy mind behind Vogue Paris. This woman, in contrast, definitely infuses an element of fun into the work she does. The video above is the best proof of that. What other Vogue editor, who sees themselves as a defining figure in fashion, would channel an 80s music video by lip-synching to “Wake me up Before you Go-Go”? Instead of launching an expensive, extravagant campaign in order to re-launch the magazine’s website, Alt decided to get a group of models together and use her favourite Wham! song to encourage visitors to “Go-Go to”

In the video, Alt sings along with top models Karmen Pedaru, Kendra Spears, Jasmine Tookes and Anja Rubik, as well as French TV host Mademoiselle Agnès. With this hilarious imitation of the original 80s video, I can’t help but think what the fashion world would be like if every designer, model, editor and influencer infused a little more fun and humanity into what they do. The truth is, fashion shouldn’t be such a cold, intimidating industry, and masterminds like Emanuelle Alt are helping to turn that around. In a nutshell, for a new take on it all, go-go to, and don’t forget to have a little fun with your clothes!


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