Calling All Chocoholics!

Today marks a special day for all you chocoholics… The launch of The Body Shop’s newest collection: Chocomania! The only calorie-free chocolate that you’ll receive this Valentine’s Day, chocomania products are being promoted as indulgent, sweet treats. This guilt-free chocolate is a great way to please your sweetheart on February 14!

Having worked at The Body Shop for years, I can say that men and women alike turn to The Body Shop when they want to spoil their partners. There are so many great things about all the products available, but the best part of a Body Shop gift is the aspect of pampering and relaxation. When you give someone a bubble bath or a body scrub, you’re not just giving them products to help their skin, you’re giving them what they need to spend some quality time on themselves. In our busy world, there’s usually nothing better.

I was lucky enough to receive advance samples of the line and I decided to take the new Chocomania products to my most trusted allies (nuts, friends and co-workers) to get the full scoop on them. The scent of these products is nutty, with a hint of dark chocolate. Where I thought the chocolate scent would be overwhelming (since I don’t actually LIKE chocolate…shock, gasp) it wasn’t. It reminded me of crème de cacao… YUM!

Chocomania Body Lotion:

Out of all the people that I had try this body lotion, the biggest fan was my male co-worker, David.

“This cream rubs in so quickly and doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy. The smell isn’t overwhelming or too sweet.  I don’t usually buy lotion, but I could see myself using this.”

Disclaimer: Some of the women who tried the chocomania body lotion felt that the smell didn’t work well with perfume they were wearing. I would avoid using other scented products at the same time!

Chocomania Shower Cream:

Kelly, who generally prefers sweeter scents, tried out the shower cream and had mixed reviews.

“The quality of the product is great; it was nice and creamy on my skin. It’s got a strong scent when you first use it, but it fades once you’re out of the shower. Truthfully, I felt that it had a bit of a men’s cologne scent at first, but as the scent stayed with me for about an hour after my shower, it grew on me as I smelt myself. Personally, I don’t know if I’d use it regularly because it’s not sweet enough for what I’m used to.”

Disclaimer: If you’re into really sweet smells, this line may not be for you! I would suggest asking for a sample or demonstration at your local store to find out what your preferences are.

Chocomania Body Butter:

Kate, being an avid fan of Shea Body Butter normally, was smitten with the Choccomania variety of her skin saviour.

“I always love the body butter products by Body Shop. I find the butter is a superior moisturizing product and maintains the skin’s moisture throughout the day without leaving a greasy film. The new Chocolate Body Butter is definitely a top contender with other body butters I have used, such as the Shea. It has a similar aroma profile to the Shea Butter with an accentuated “nuttiness” and a hint of cocoa, leaving your skin feeling like a silky cocoa puff!”

Chocomania Body Scrub:

Body scrubs are always a must-have, especially during the dry winter months. I asked Jess to try it out…

“The smell was more pleasant than expected – taking on a nuttier aroma. I found it a little bit oily, so I wouldn’t recommend using it in the morning. It’s a great nighttime pampering treatment, where even if you’re a little bit oily afterwards, it wouldn’t matter!”

Chocomania Lip Butter:

Catherine was my ginea pig for this product, and has given it a rave review.

“Rarely when asked, ‘Do you have any lip gloss?’ can I actually respond with a ‘Yes’.” It’s just not my thing to sport trendy lipsticks or be in a constant state of chapstick application. But, with the erratic winter that January threw our way, my lips were looking for a little TLC. As a self diagnosed chocoholic, I knew I would have no problem applying and re-applying. The scent (and taste) is a dark chocolate and nutty mix, but not too fragrant. Within days my chapped lips were remedied and the butter leaves just the smallest trace of a shine, perfect for not looking over-glammed at work. It was definitely a positive experience that might even have converted me to storing a container in my clutch on the regular.”

In a nutshell, these products are a great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift, which will surely impress the chocoholics in your life. Head down to your local shop today to try out the new products and let us know if you given in to Chocomania!

*All photos courtesy of The Body Shop Canada.

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