Winterfest, in a nutshell.

“Music is the ultimate vibration. It unites us regardless of colour or creed and moves us.” – Moka Only

Saturday, the nuts were out in full force supporting the hip hop festival, Winterfest, which sought to highlight local and national acts and prove that Ottawa’s hip hop scene is anything less than boring. And, as I’m sure all the other attendants would agree, Winterfest’s goal was achieved. Over the course of the day and night, crowds in big numbers flooded through the doors of Oliver’s Pub and Patio on Carleton University Campus to take in the live acts and celebrate the hard work and determination of those who have committed to making music their careers.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being involved with this event, was getting to know the artists on a personal level. While hip hop has a reputation of being aggressive, with artists having tough on-stage personas, the attitude off-stage was often gracious and humbled by the outpouring of support by the local community. For example, Loretta House didn’t just open the show with a bang, they also thanked us for supporting the event and let Catherine have the last slice of pepperoni pizza at lunch. It doesn’t get much better than that.

We knew that acts like Spitten Image and Philly Moves would hold it down like they have in the past, but we were also pleasantly surprised by the performances of acts we hadn’t seen prior to the event. We were blown away when Teddy KGB starting rhyming as fast as Twista. We loved being part of the boisterous crowd that crowded the stage during Dallas Waldo’s set. We all instantly related to the emotion that was felt during Keisha Williams and S.C.R.I.P.T’s collaborations. And, we instantly became members of #TeamSwagg as soon as SwaggStar hit the stage.

This event had so many great elements, but it’s a no-brainer when it comes to picking my favourite part. Winterfest united 4 out of 5 of us nuts all day and all night, and that’s what it was all about; bringing people together. I don’t think that there’s anything in the world that’s better, than taking in great music with your best friends…in a nutshell.

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9 thoughts on “Winterfest, in a nutshell.

    • I wish we had been able to see everyone, but it was such a long day covering the day and night events! We had to take a break to get some food and re-coop. I have no doubt they were awesome – everyone blew us away! Thanks for checking out the article!

  1. Why is it that every article I see about Winterfest 2012 seems to have over looked the amazing performance by Diamond? No offence, and no disrespect to the other performers, but I found the music people were playing BEFORE Diamond to be very dull..(and kind of boring). I was pleasantly suprised when he went up there and livened up the place a bit, I had never heard of him before, and now I can’t stop trying to find footage & reviews of his performance just so I can see it again ;) that’s just my 2 cents..In a nutshell..


    • Hi Jenn,
      Thanks for your comment and I loved that you used ‘in a nutshell’! As I mentioned above, we unfortunately weren’t able to take in every performance as the day and night portions of the event lasted more than 12 hours. Based on your review, I’m disappointed we missed it, but we did do our best to cover as much of the event as possible! Thanks for checking us out!

      • Diamond was one of the best performance of the day hands down !!! thats my 2 cents …

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