A Blackberry lover’s week with an IPhone

I won’t lie, there are definite perks that come with being a journalist.

My fellow journalist and homegirl, April O'Neil

Sure it’s a high pressure job, where your deadline is always coming two minutes too fast. You put in way more than your expected 40 hours a week and at the end of the day, everything you’ve worked on is up for criticism by the public. People don’t want to talk to you, or people talk your ear off. You attend car crashes, funerals, crime scenes, court dates and if you don’t have carpel tunnel by the time you’re 25 … well then  you’re not doing your job right.

But, there ARE perks.

Hob nobbing with celebs, concert tickets, backstage passes, gift bags, lots and lots of free food … and my latest acquistion: a company paid IPhone 4s.

There are really only three tools a journalist needs to get their job done: a computer, phone and camera. So, my head office decided to give us a device that combines all three. Not complaining.

At the original meeting, my superiors wanted me to consolidate my two phones, tossing my current Blackberry, to make sure I could be reached on just one device at all times. But, the thought of losing bbm, my Blackberry groups, and the keypad was something that made me squirm.

History's greatest feud

Despite the raised eyebrows of my boss “You want to still pay for your own phone. The one we are giving you is FREE,” I managed to convince them I needed both.

IPhone owners, love the IPhone. Blackberry owners, love their Blackberry. And now I am both. So, after a week with both in my pocket and being asked countless times “How do you like the IPhone!?”… here is my conclusion.

The IPhone is amazing. Straight up, it’s probably one of the coolest pieces of technology I’ve ever owned. In fact, I don’t even consider it a phone; it is a minature computer. It’s Camera is incredible, the internet is so fast, the apps will keep me entertained for hours….


For what I actually use a PHONE for … the Blackberry still triumphs. I would say 90 % of what I use my phone for is messaging. Texts, bbms, etc. I hardly make calls, I hardly play games. My phone is the way I stay connected with my friends who live far away, keep up-to-date with the co-founders of this blog, make my work day go a little faster by sending just a fewww texts … that is the purpose of my phone. And while I’m already getting used to the touch screen, I can type 10 times faster and more accurately on my Blackberry.

The IPhone auto-correct is half blessing half curse. Often, it goes along and corrects the many mistakes you make while tapping away at the touch screen, but almost as often it corrects words that shouldn’t be corrected. In a ns, it really get in the way of my abrevs.

Could get yourself into hot water with something like this...

And for anyone that says that IMessage is the same as BBM … you’re gravely mistaken. Apple would be wise to create a forum like BBM where you have a display picture, status, GROUPS! These are the key things that make people who use BBM sweat at the thought of giving it up. Out of the 15 people I would say I speak to on a daily basis, 14 are bbm users.

All day. Every day.

But if you’re not an avid texter, or don’t have loved ones on BBM … well then the IPhone trumps the BlackBerry in almost every other sense.

It is faster, better, cooler. The internet browsing is easily 10 times faster, the camera is 10 times better and all in all it’s just so user friendly.

Despite the fact that I’m sticking behind my Bberry … here are some things I LOVE about the IPhone (so far):

TWITTER: The IPhone Twitter is Ah-Mazing. For the simple fact that it’s ultra fast and allows you to connect to more than one account. I have four. Insane, but true and with a tap of the screen I can effortlessly surf through all four and get notifications for each. My life just became a million times easier.

INSTAGRAM: Instagram is a free App that is like Twitter in pictures. You follow and get followed and your newsfeed consists of just pictures and captions. There are also functions to make the pictures look really retro and neat. “Hipster pictures,” as one hater said.

ANGRY BIRDS: I am addicted. Nuff said.

NEWS: CBC, Ottawa Citizen, Globe and Mail, Metro … all at my fingertips. For a journalist, this is a blessing.

 SCREEN SHOTS: The ability to take a picture of your hilarious “texts from last night” is gold. Just, gold.

SIRI and me are not friends … she doesn’t understand half the things I say. So while this is a cool concept, I haven’t developed a love for it yet.

And as mentioned already, the camera quality (and fact that you can flip the screen to take selfies) and web browsing are unmatched.

So in conclusion, if you want the coolest toy on the planet: buy an IPhone.

If you want to be able to text quickly and accurately, stay more easily connected with  a large group of friends, and send emails to your boss without having made embarassing auto-correct mistakes: buy a Blackberry.

But above all, find a job that will buy you both. Because I truly  have the best of both worlds right now … in a nutshell.

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About Catherine Kitts

Catherine (@catkitts) has been known to put her party dress on at the drop of a hat and will rarely say no to a new adventure. After completing her Bachelor of Journalism at Carleton University, she worked at the editor of a local newspaper for three years before trading hard news for the world of communications, marketing and advertising. Constantly juggling hectic work and social schedules, she always makes time for some of her biggest passions: news, sports, pop culture, cuisine, literature and many others. You can expect her to cover a wide variety of topics, keeping her finger on the pulse of Ottawa, her hometown - a city she's grown to love. *Bad Habit: never wanting to miss out *Favourite Food: pickles *Favourite Restaurant: El Camino *Wine of Choice: whatever Kate is drinking *Favourite Band: (solo artist?) Justin Timberlake *Favourite Song: Dancing in the Dark - Springsteen *Fashion Icon: Lauren Conrad *Political Affiliation: none *Favourite Movie: Back to the Future, Kindergarden Cop, Jurassic Park, Drive. *TV Series: Seinfeld *Sport: Hockey / Football *Team: Ottawa Senators / Seattle Seahawks *Favorite Book: Great Expectations - Charles Dickens, Freedom - Jonathan Franzen. ** To contact Catherine write her at : inanutshellca@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “A Blackberry lover’s week with an IPhone

  1. HI Catherine,
    Being a user of the Iphone form my company too, gotta say I love it! And for sure I am no techy but it’s really user friendly for me. Dont know what I would do without it.

  2. Cat…just had one of those crazy galactic phenomenons when your “new post” email popped up on my screen just as I was reviewing my appointment confirmation for an Iphone S4 workshop for tomorrow morning. I too, a newcomer to the Iphone world am having a melancholic journey in the wake of my blackberry days. Alas, I hope that over time with my newfound knowledge and typing practice, I will become as fond of my Iphone as I was of my Bberry.

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