Friday’s Fashion Fix

As much as many of us would like to say that we don’t engage in celebrity culture, most of us can’t help but be fascinated. Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood, LiLo’s dozen court appearances, Bieber’s haircuts and most recently…the newest addition to the playground Suri currently reigns, Baby Blue. There’s no doubt that this fascination is at its height during Award Season, when us normal people are able to watch the rich and famous sip on champagne, apply lipstick when they think the cameras aren’t watching, whisper to their neighbors, and most of all, read/mumble/scream/cry through their impromptu acceptance speeches. Aside from the absurd jokes the host is making and the sight of a newbie stumbling up the stairs in her stilettos, the two-hour Red Carpet special before the show is really what gets me all riled up. I’m sure you can guess why. Gowns, up-dos, pant suits, obscenely sparkly jewelry and the picture posing we get to see live…isn’t it just magical?

Now, more often than not, stylists have selected the absolute newest designer duds for celebs to select from. Although vintage (hello Reese wearing a dress Kirsten Dunst wore 6 years ago) is sometimes an option, I always like to see the latest dresses that have just recently been gallivanted down the runway. Pre-Fall 2012 is the season on everyone’s lips right now, so I thought I’d sift through the collections to find the gowns I’d be pleased to see on the carpet. Charlize, Michelle, Kate, Emma and Rooney…listen up.

Don’t forget to tune in for the Awards!
Golden Globes: January 15th 8pm (Host: Ricky Gervais)
Screen Actor’s Guild Awards: January 29th 8pm
The Grammy’s: February 12th 8pm
Academy Awards
(Oscars): February 26th 7pm (Host: Billy Crystal)
Juno Awards: April 1st

Which gown is your favourite?

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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Fashion Fix

  1. Hmmm…tough call, they’re all gorgeous but I think I would feel the most glam in the frosted pink Oscar de la Renta…given of course, that I could master the sexy swagger!

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