Wardrobe Makeover for 2012

The best thing about ringing in a new year (aside from champagne and a major excuse to celebrate) is the chance for a fresh slate. Although we all make heaps of resolutions we may or may not keep, there is one thing that can easily be achieved with a few simple steps and a bit of time spent in your very own chaotic closet.
This is your chance to de-clutter, reorganize and rethink your wardrobe altogether, changing the way you dress throughout this fresh new year.

1. Get RID of anything you haven’t worn in two years.
I read that piece of advice in a magazine once, and I think it’s a great rule of thumb. I continually keep clothing that I think I’ll one day wear (I even have pairs of jeans I’ve kept for when “I’m painting my first house”…so ridiculous.) There are, of course, certain pieces that should be kept, like ones that were an investment or ones you may want to pass down generations some day. But all the rest; the ripped, the stained, the too small, big, long, short, get rid of them now, because all they’re doing is clogging up your closet and making it more difficult to find what you really want to wear. They’re just clothes (gasp!) and if you aren’t wearing them, get rid of them.

2. Find out what your closet’s missing.
Evidently, there is no science to dressing, but there are certain items that we can incorporate that will make outfits more complete, and make those difficult morning decisions much easier. We all have our own styles, so these closet essentials are all relative, but finding items within these categories that fit and flatter you, will definitely give you the boost you’re looking for in 2012.

Topshop blouse / American Eagle sweater / AllSaints leather jacketMango blazer / Hue leggings / Zara top / BCBG dress / Levi’s jeans / Gap skirt / Urban T-shirt / Old Navy cardi

  • A solid blouse is great with jeans or tucked into a skirt with a blazer.
  • A chunky knit is perfect for Winter or a breezy Spring day paired with shorts.
  • A leather jacket for Fall and Spring – or a trench if you’re more of a classic gal.
  • A fitted blazer for any dressed up occasion, a black one is preferable for versatility.
  • Leggings for comfy soirées or even a night out with heels and some sparkle.
  • Speaking of sparkle, an embellished top is great for dressing anything up.
  • A little black dress, obviously. Accessories change an LBD in a cinch.
  • Slimming jeans can be hard to find, but the perfect pair are so essential.
  • A flattering skirt is different for every body type, find the shape that best suits you.
  • A graphic T is great for throwing on with jeans but also gives your skirt some edge.
  • A cardigan is essential for every Canadian who needs to throw on some warmth.

Forever21 EarringsZara clutch / Mango bracelet / Nine West pumps / Forever21 necklace / Forever21 scarfForever21 ring / BCBG boots / Dolce Vita flats

  • Statement earrings are vital for adding some bling to an LBD or a casual outfit.
  • A clutch is necessary for any night out & ‘dutches’ (day clutches) are all the rage.
  • A cuff or bangles are so easy to throw on and mix up.
  • Nude pumps are critical, they match with everything and will become your go-to.
  • A statement necklace transforms any outfit – casual or classy – it always works.
  • A pattern scarf is perfect for a relaxed day or accessorizing a lacking outfit.
  • A statement ring spices up just about anything – try a combination of styles.
  • Warm boots are necessary for any Canadian, heeled or flat, find your poison.
  • Colourful flats are a great accent for a neutral outfit – red ones give the best pop.

3. Organize your closet
Take the time to fold and classify your things, this will be your best asset for those daily choices. Seeing what you own in an orderly fashion is crucial. Visit Ikea for budget-friendly solutions to your closet woes!

 4. Break the Rules
I’m always a big advocate for breaking the rules and taking risks. Once you’ve built up your closet essentials, be sure to incorporate that edge that makes your collection of clothing all yours. Every once in a while, remember to reach beyond your comfort zone and bring your closet to new heights…2012 can be your most fashionable year yet!


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