Jesster Bonzo, the One and Only.

Our youngest nut has finally caught up to the rest of us and is celebrating her 23rd Birthday today! We couldn’t be more proud of our Bonzo, who in just 23 short years has accomplished so much! A lucky few of us will get to celebrate with her in person tomorrow evening, but, since some of us are too far away to see you in the flesh, we compiled a little mad lib to show you just how much we love you! Have the most wonderful Birthday and we can’t wait to see how amazingly your 23rd year unfolds!

From Kaylee:

In one word, Jess is: Caring.

You’ll never find Jess: not paying attention to the song playing in every store, restaurant, car or in the background of a TV show – and consequently, not knowing who the artist is.

My favourite day with Jess was: I’d have to say graduating from Carleton U and attending our convocation together was a great day. Meghan, Jess and I were lucky enough to have the same convocation despite differing programs and we went through that memorable and profound experience together. I also can’t help but mention the cottage weekend where we made trips to Eta’s and giggled to our hearts content. Lastly, any day where I’m chatting about our beloved blog and debating new concepts with Jess and the other girls, is a perfect one.

My favourite night with Jess was: back in 2008 when Jess and I didn’t know each other, I found out we had a distant mutual acquaintance and chatted with her for the first time. She was warm and welcoming – as she is – and I’m so so happy to have spent countless nights with her since then…although now she’s a best friend, not a stranger.

I would build Jess: a room like Alexandra Patsavas (Grey’s Anatomy’s / The Oc’s Music producer) has, full of every album in history, where Jess can lick the tip of her finger and run through albums like a rolodex, playing Bruce, KOL…and maybe just a little Beyonce ‘cus she loves me :)

One of Jess’ best lines ever was: “Spittin’ on Christmas”

In 5 years, you’ll find Jess: living in Toronto with meeee, remaining an attentive, warmhearted friend to her ktown besties, tequilatrain and other dozens of lovely friends. She will be successful, still writing beautifully and always involved in the music industry, likely getting tons of attention for her great eye and perceptible talent.

Convocation, June 2010.

From Jenn:

In one word, Jess is: Hilarious.

You’ll never find Jess: looking out of style.

My favourite day with Jess was: last fall when we went to Westboro for the day, grabbed some coffee, some lunch at the Works, and spent the whole day strolling in and out of shops and talking about the latest gossip in our lives.

My favourite night with Jess was: I don’t have one favourite night in particular, my favourite nights with Jess were going over to her old place with a bottle of red and talking for hours just about anything and everything. Miss you and miss those nights!

I would build Jess: a recording studio for the day that Jess owns her own record label. Jess has an amazing ear for music, as I am sure you have all noticed from her posts, and there is no doubt in my mind that she will one day be a leading lady in the music industry.

One of Jess’ best lines ever was: This is not necessarily a line, but Jess’s ‘child scream laugh’ gets me every time. I am dying laughing just thinking about it.

In 5 years, you’ll find Jess: even more successful than she already is. Jess will have been a strong willed vegetarian for 5 years, and will be creating new and delicious veggie ad vegan recipes all the time. She will be working for a major music magazine as a journalist, maybe even Rolling Stone, have you seen how talented this girl is at writing about music? And, Jess will be dating/married to an amazing man who treats her like gold and who shares her passion for music.

Wine fueled shenanigans, following one of the (many) nights we spent at Jess' place.

From Allison:

In one word, Jess is: Loving.

You’ll never find Jess: NOT looking fashionable. Literally this woman can pick out an outfit better than anyone I know – and finds a million different ways to wear the pieces in her closet. It actually blows my mind.

My favourite day with Jess was: 1st year Beach Day. Prancing around Mooney’s Bay in our short shorts, dodging a crazy Aussie and my soon to be 1st year love, and getting grade 9 wasted on 9th Glengarry that night in which our most memorable picture to date together would be taken. It was inevitable that this was the start of a beautiful friendship.

My favourite night with Jess: 3rd year Frosh Week Boat Cruise. We were the ultimate wing women combination of the century. I have no words.

I would build Jess: a Music Library in her house for all her records, CDs (her mixed ones are her best), cassette tapes, artist memorabilia, and of course both a piano and guitar for me to pick up and play for her, at the request of anything in her collection she wanted to sing along to. Oh and of course, the room would be equipped with a wine cooler for our late nights spent sharing music and critiquing artists.

One of Jess’ best lines ever was: “Hey, cool jacket!” The rest was history.

In 5 years, you’ll find Jess: anywhere the music and her writing takes her! Still absolutely brilliant, beautiful, vivid and loving, and most likely writing for Rolling Stone magazine (seriously).

The infamous boat cruise!

From Meghan:

In one word, Jess is: Amazing.

You’ll never find Jess: without music in some form, whether it be on an ipod, CD or blaring off her laptop.

My favourite day with Jess was: Becoming fast friends during move-in day of Frosh 2008. We were introduced by mutual besties and obviously fell in love instantly. Going back and forth with the furniture of first year together was really the start of a beautiful friendship.

My favourite night with Jess was: One of the many Ollies pre-drinks held at her old Fulton apartment, where we drank litres of white wine from the carton and rapped Weezy’s “A Milli” like we were pros.

I would build Jess: a house with perfect acoustics for her listening pleasure, and some of her favourite things: Shelves to hold an infinite music collection. A shrine to Brucie, the BOSS. A diet coke fountain pop machine. A fridge that seals the freshness of her veggies in. A room specifically designed for no pants to be worn in. A castle for her weiner dog Goose. And a spare room for me ;)

One of Jess’ best lines ever was: “Spittin’ on Christmas”

In 5 years, you’ll find Jess: living in Toronto or Ottawa, and so successful. She’ll probably be working for a music magazine like Rolling Stone, writing pieces that are so meaningful and special. She’ll have met the man of her dreams, who will love her for her caring heart, beauty and hilarity. She will be a great mom to her weiner dog, Goose. She’ll still be the most hilarious person, not taking life to seriously, always up for a new adventure or experience. Most of all, she’ll still be a loyal friend, daughter and sister, who always supports her loved ones to the fullest.

Rockstars/Two of the 'best' MC's in the game...

From Kate:

In one word, Jess is: Bonzo.

You’ll never find Jess: with pants on.

My favourite day with Jess was: the day we sat on her balcony at Fulton tanning our white little patoots and singing “Beautiful Girls” by Bruno Mars with agressive* (*reading amazing) hand movements

My Favourite night with Jess was: the night we went to KOL together, weaved our way through the crowd and got SUPER close to the stage. We rocked out to one of our favourite bands of all time and then proceeded to hoist a famous rocker onto our shoulders and into the crowd for a crowd-surfing sesh. Definitely a night to remember.

I would build Jess: a record player because I know she has wanted one forever and, let’s face it, a hand made one is way cooler.

One of Jess’ best lines ever was: “In a nutshell”… Later shortformed, as she tends to do to about every word in the English language, to “In A NS”. Sound familiar?

One song that reminds me of Jess (had to add this one in) is: The Only One by the Black Keys. Maybe because you listened to this song for a year straight or maybe because you swear by it being the best song from their Brothers album but this one always makes me think of you, Hubblebum!

In 5 years, you’ll find Jess: living in Toronto and writing for a high profile music magazine. She will be happily in love in the big smoke and will be tapping into everything and anything she can get her hands on, always positive and always, always playing a soundtrack in her head to go along with her wonderful life.

KOL, second round.

From Cat:

In one word, Jess is: a hipster … JUST KIDDING.
In one word, Jess is: cherished.

You’ll never find Jess: without a clever or hilarious remark

My favourite day with Jess was:  any day out of our four month stint as roommates. We tanned, we had impromptu flip cup tournaments, we bought colouring books, we fixed watches, we ate cheese off our knees, we called each other from our respective bedrooms, we watched satc, we may have laughed once or twice … And we made what I consider to be an unbreakable bond.

My favourite night with Jess was: Girl Talk, Bluesfest 2009. Doing shots of long island ice tea, dancing (and laughing) our pants off, eating burgers and I may or may not have been Michael Jackson.

I would build Jess: her own mini fridge filled to the brim with diet cokes, so she will never feel the need to steal mine. EVER again.

One of Jess’ best lines ever was: “You think that hurts NOW!? Wait until TOMORROW!!” (Despite my misery)

In 5 years, you’ll find Jess: Linked arm and arm with some stud who is taking her for lunch in between interviews with big wig musicians. This is obviously taking place in NYC because she is writing for Rolling Stone. And I am obviously spying on this date from a table in the corner … As I always do. Her career is taking off, she still makes frequent trips to visit her fam in KTown and she is still very loved by six girls who are spread out all over the world.

Bluesfest 2009

Happy Birthday Jester Bonzo Huddlebum. We love you very much! XO

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  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful birthday piece, best friends! As always, you’ve made this day so special by touching my heart with your lovely words. I feel very blessed to know each of you! xoxoxoxo

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