Merry, Nutty Christmas, Everyone!

It’s Christmas morning and all us nuts are – as I’m sure you are as well – spending time with our families, unwrapping red packages with gold ribbon and stuffing our tummies with all those traditional goodies that most homes are oozing with this time of year. In preparation of the busy holiday season, we spent a recent weekend together (pictures here) coming up with ideas for interesting holiday posts for our very own nutty version of the Twelve days of Christmas. The night began with a delicious potluck, a box of wine and loads of catching up. After a few hours, we decided to get down to business …by turning on the video camera and singing along to our favourite Christmas tunes. Well, what was meant to be a night of activities, became a 4 hour caroling session, leaving us with tons of footage and only a few prepared posts. So much for productivity! Either way, what results is this Christmas video, a little medley of Christmas songs we love (and way more bloopers for tomorrow – when the real hilarity comes out). Merry Christmas from the girls of in a nutshell, we are so grateful to you, our readers, and so we wish you only the best throughout the holidays! Love Love Love. (…and please forgive us for this ridiculous singing…in a nutshell.)


4 thoughts on “Merry, Nutty Christmas, Everyone!

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