The Second Day of Christmas: Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice or anywhere in between, it doesn’t change the length of a girl’s wish list  when Christmas time rolls around. We have been reinventing our perfect Christmas wish list since we were about 4 years old. Often childhood lists were dripping with the most outlandish wishes, (“Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a Pony. Love, Kate”). And even now, our grown up and rational selves still seem to create wish lists that aren’t always within (our current man’s) arm’s reach.

So what? It’s called a wish list for a reason and by now, at the very least, we have learned that not all wishes come true. You just learn to appreciate the one’s that do. . .  and hopefully are inspired to be a little less naughty come the New Year.

Below are all of our Christmas wish lists – some extravagant, some practical, some glamorous and some down-right silly wishes from a bunch of nuts, on this second glorious day of Christmas. We hope Santa is good to you, too!

Catherine’s Christmas Wish List

1. The Corrections – Jonathan Franzen “It wouldn’t be a book lover’s wish list without at least one best seller. Since I loved Freedom so much, I felt it was only natural to read Franzen’s first best seller. Other books on my list have to do with blogging (shocking) and journalism (weird).”

2. Yoga clothes “Is this my New Year’s wish list instead of my Christmas one? Since I have LOTS of exercise time and yoga penciled into my January itinerary these articles could come in handy.”

3. Michael Kors Medium Sequined Wristlet  “Last year I got the most gorgeous snakeskin cross-body clutch to aid in my attempts to NOT lose my phone when out on the town. Little did I know that instead of just the phone, the entire purse would eventually get stolen. A replacement is in order.”

4. Moleskine Monthly Diary “Permanently on my New Year’s resolution list for as long as I can remember has been “stay organized”, which would seem like an impossible task without my bible … I mean planner.”

5.EMU Mallacoota boots “Why I didn’t buy myself a pair while traipsing Australia? I’ll never know. But, it’s about time I bit the bullet and invested in a pair of solid boots that will keep my wet sock phobia at bay.”

6. One plain thin gold ring (not $600) “A thin gold ring to adorn my right hand index finger has been my heart’s desire for quite some time. Finding it, is another story. This $600 example is something I wouldn’t dare put on my wish list, a cheap knock off would be perfect.”

7. Faux Fur Ear Muffs by Joe “I’m not a big hat person. Which means, I have to be creative in my attempts to stay warm throughout the winter months where I continually question my choice to live in such a cold capital. These puppies (in brown) should do the trick.”

8. Club Monaco – Noah Lace Skirt “I desperately need to revamp my work wardrobe without conforming to the classic pencil skirt and blazer. I’m young and want to stay in style during my 9 – 5. This  skirt, with some opaque black tights is just the ticket.”

9. Adele – 21 “I wouldn’t even be able to tell you the last time I actually bought a CD. It was probably when my Justin Timberlake obsession was in full force and the Sexy Back album came out. In any event, Adele’s 21 definitely needs to be on repeat in my car forevermore.”

10. All I want for Christmas is…. Ryan Gosling !?

Kaylee’s Christmas Wish List

1. Terrain Swedish Snowflake Lantern “This lantern would be so pretty in my bedroom in the wintertime.”

2. Jennifer Zeuner Intergrated Number Bracelet “Seven has become a very special number to me…I have two groups of 6 best friends and they are my everything. Plus this piece would be great for stacking.”

3. Soft Mocs “I would live in these!!”

4. Essie Nail Polish “Bobbing for Baubles” “I am in love with this Essie color from their newest collection. But I can’t seem to find it anywhere.”

5. MoleSkin Day Planner

6. Anthropologie Canyon De Chelly Scarf “Great scarf and my favourite store.”

7. J. Crew Invitation Clutch “The perfect size for a night out and the teal color is to diiie for.”

8. Dolce Vita Rosetta Pump “Everyone needs a great red pump, and for some reason, I don’t own a pair!”

9. Coach Blogger Bag “Although I’m not a huge Coach fan, one of my favorite bloggers from “Fashion Foie Gras” just co-designed the ultimate blogger bag with the brand. It features a special compartment for your camera, an iPad slot, a pouch to keep flats when your heels are hurting and tons of room for everything else. It was really well designed.”

10. Irreverent by Carine Roitfeld “No words. I just need it.”

Jess’s Wish List

1. Ariel Gordon gold knot ring “I’m a sucker for rings; I love ‘em all. This hardly-there knot design is so delicate andadorable!”

2. Sephora CLEAN Shower Fresh Bath and Body Collection “Not only will the cotton-laden seed, extract and protein mixture provide the ultimate smoothness, but this stuff smells like a delicious pile of crisp laundry. Mmmm.”

3. J.Crew Dream V-Neck Sweater in Stripe “I love the chic city style of this cozy sweater. I would hope I could get it a little oversized too; every sweater is bit better that way, I find.”

4. Zara Sequined Dress  “I know, I know – by thispoint the holiday parties will have ended. But then again! It helps that a girl always needs a party dress for her birthday and New Year’s – both in the last week of December.”

5. NARS Catfight Lipstick “Despite the buck, once you go NARS you never go back. Like Kate’s mention of wintery nails,there’s nothing cuter than a frosty pink palette on la bouche.”

6. Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Roadtrip with David Foster Wallace – David Lipsky “Foster Wallace, the beautifully talented and profound writing voice who we sadly lost when he took his life in 2008, is without a doubt one of my favourite writers. I don’t yet have my own copy of Lipsky’s roadtrip chronicle with the great author, so I plan to change that.”

7. Essie ‘Smooth Sailing “I have a SpaRitual version of this purple, but it’s a bit watery for me –onwards to Essie, my go-to!”

8. Steve Madden Pembrook Booties “I love any heeled-booties – perfect for snow, perfect for jeans.”

9. Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming – M83 on Vinyl “Once I toss this baby under the needle, I have no doubt it will only further secure the album as one of the greatest I’ve ever heard.”

10. Belkin ProFit Convertible for iPod “I’m very crafty when maneuvering my iPod cord to avoid strangulation during my daily run and bike – therefore, this wicked Belkin armband iPod holder would really help my cause.”

Meghan’s Wish List

1.  Cuisine Couture Apron by Anthropologie “Since I’m Betty Crocker now…”

2. Dappled Silver Necklace by Anthropologie “I would like a long necklace to wear with my high boat-neck black longsleeve. This is cute and colourful!”

3.Michael Kors Black Tote “I would LOVE a new black purse, that can be used for all my everyday needs (including carrying bulky items for school). I mentioned wanting a similar bag back in the fall wishlist, but I wasn’t able to afford it…and still can’t. But a girl can dream, right?”

4. Natori Snow Leopard Duvet “I’ve been searching for a new duvet cover that has slight embellishment and looks more airy than the solid colour one I’m working with now. The Natori Snow Leopard design has very subtle animal print, but you can’t tell until you look very closely. Plus, it looks SO soft and comfortable and will definitely lighten my room.”

5. Nikon “The best days of my digi-cam are long gone, so why not upgrade? Digital SLR. ‘Nuff said”.

6. Joe Fresh Nordic Cardigan “I love cozying up (by the fire or otherwise) in comfy knit sweaters. This Nordic Cardigan by Joe Fresh has a rustic print that screams winter and makes me want to slip into a pair of leggings and slippers and curl up with a good book!”

7. O’connelll Frames “I am (finally) getting new glasses this month. My poor specs have been through the mill: adjusted 3 times and somehow they still sit crooked on my face. I’d like a more vintage look for my rims this time around. Oliver Goldsmith makes a whole line of vintage inspired frames, and my choice would be O’Connell Frames in Tokyo Tortoise shade.”

8.Aldo Blue Pumps “I’ve had my eye on blue suede pumps for a while… this ALDO version is the only one I’ve seen without a platfiorm…I’m tall enough on my own!”

9. Seriously I’m Kidding by Ellen Degeneres “Why not turn to our idol for my next read?”

10.  Fossil Tortoise Watch “Since I’m digging the tortoise frames, I might as well toss a matching watch on this wish list. Fossil makes a lovely boyfriend watch in tortoise that still has some serious bling!”

Kate’s Wish List

1. Tna Rolfe Cape

2. Michael Kors Black and Gold Watch

3. Still Alice by Lisa Genova

4. Vintage Florenza Shell Cameo Brooch

5. Jasper Fur Throw

6. Rag and Bone Bindery Day Planner

7. Essie Mint Candy Polish

8. Sephora Prestige Brush Set

9. Club Monaco Vintage Button Necklace

10. El Camino by The Black Keys

In a nutshell. . . . We don’t ask for much!

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