Friday’s Fashion Fix

We all have our morning routine, whether it lasts 20 minutes, 4 hours or it’s a roll-out-of-bed kinda deal. I find with myself, certain parts of the morning are much more “routine” than others. I wouldn’t say the haphazardness process I have of picking out clothing is all that procedural, I have different issues everyday, and an outfit that once seemed like perfection will likely seem ridiculous to me just a few days later. The truly routine part of my morning comes in when beauty is involved. Makeup and hair. I think you have to have a flair for either if you’re able to experiment and be adventurous in the artistry that these areas involve. I for one, don’t really take the time to work on my hair or alter the cosmetic pattern I’m used to. Hair down, ponytail, half up or low bun; if you asked me to do your hair, I’d pick from this elementary list of options. If you asked me to do your makeup, I wouldn’t think of experimentation, but rather perform my robotic method, achieving a familiar and archetypal result.

Enter stage right: magazine editorials. I try not to spend all of my money on magazines so I heavily rely on Fashion Gone Rogue to keep up-to-date on editorials that I would never find at the average joe magazine store and/or haven’t even hit the newsstands yet. One such editorial that caught my eye recently is Hasse Nielsen’s F/W 2011 beauty spot for Bon International Magazine.  Model Josephine Skriver is coiffed with edgy yet polished looks, each oozing with holiday charm. Here’s hoping that some of these styles inspires you (and me!) to try something new this season. It’s time to get those bobby pins to work!

See the full editorial here.


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