Nuts for your mo, bro. Vote NOW! (CONTEST CLOSED)

UPDATE: WANT TO KNOW WHO WON? Check out the man behind the MO:

Lip sweater, nose neighbor, soup strainer, mo, mustache, crumb catcher, lip foliage, caterpillar…whatever name you give it, it is what our blackberries, laptops and minds have been filled with for the past few days. And, surprisingly enough, we are overjoyed by it. To our 40 entrants, your Movember efforts are immaculate and we couldn’t be more proud to post such an outrageous collage on our homepage. Let the voting begin!!!

Voting ends at noon on November 30th. The MO with the most votes will win a $200 donation towards their Movember campaign!

To earn BONUS votes: 1) Follow us on Twitter, 2) Tweet at us @inanutshellca, 3) Like us on Facebook, 4) Post the link in your Facebook status.
Read the official rules here.

Thanks everybody! Stay tuned for many more contests…


6 thoughts on “Nuts for your mo, bro. Vote NOW! (CONTEST CLOSED)

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