Eat Cobra

By sharing this with you, I am jeopardizing my chance to ever experience the opportunity to “Eat Cobra”. In a nutshell,  that’s how much I love our readers. . .

What happens when the best chefs in the nation’s capital collaborate their talents and come together for a good cause? You get to Eat Cobra. . . well, not exactly. Eat Cobra Ottawa is Ottawa’s most innovative culinary efforts to date. Spearheaded by some of our city’s top chefs (Lepine, Langley, Blackie to name a few), Eat Cobra launched just shy of a year ago and is whipping foodies into a frenzy simply to have their shot at Eat Cobra. Do you have a deep love for exquisite food? Are you willing to try new foods that, perhaps, you won’t find anywhere else in the city? Do you have a reasonably strong stomach? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Do you react well to impromptu plans? Do you have a friend who would answer yes to all of those questions? If you nodded your head to any of the above, then go to immediately and type in your email address.

That’s step #1 to win a chance to be catered for by the best chefs in Ottawa in an incredibly intimate setting, such as their very own homes. Every month, 5 people are drawn – and are welcome to bring a guest – to attend Eat Cobra and you will likely have the best, most out of the ordinary meal of your life. I can’t say for certain, because I’ve never been, but I have a hunch this is every foodie’s dream (Ottawa Citizen food writer, Ron Eade, was apparently desperate to get in as he tweeted: ” Odd that I get invited to charlie burger in T.O. every other month, but so far @cobraottawa eludes me completely …”).

This epicurean club is not elitist, but it sure as hell is hard to get into. Let me explain. After you have typed in your e-mail at you simply have to wait with no other information except the hope that they received your email address. Eventually you will receive a confirmation e-mail and upon opening said e-mail you will be provided with instructions as to how you can proceed to up your chances.  If you are lucky, and drawn to attend, the cost is $100 per person and each month Ottawa’s best chefs raise up to $1000 to donate to a charity of their choice.

{Kangaroo loin, wild herbs, truffled honey vinaigrette, laratte potatoes from Domus Cafe}

Expect to see chefs from Domus, Whalesbone Oyster House, The Black Cat, Wellington Gastropub, Oz Kafe, Atelier. . . and the list goes on. It seems like Eat Cobra is not only popular by consumer demand, but also has captivated Ottawa’s Chefs, all lining up to give it a whirl.

{In the comfort of their own home, the chefs plate each course with perfection}

So how, in sharing this with you, have I jeopardized my own shot at Eat Cobra? Because it is meant to be a secret, for those who appreciate gastronomic feats and who will treasure the chance to eat with those who are like-minded and, at that, enjoy a meal prepared by culinary geniuses. Not everyone can say that an evening like this gives them goosebumps, and those who don’t get excited about something this cool are the kinds of people who Eat Cobra hope to avoid. No negative nellys welcome, this is meant to be fun, delicious and philanthropic. To keep their secret, no details about when or where these events take place are EVER divulged to public eye. Those who are selected for the dinner are notified 24 hours before the date of time and location. “Eat Cobra Op” is more like it.

{Spot prawn and scallop sashimi with herring caviar prepared by Whalesbone Oyster House}

So alas, I wait patiently to be summoned by the Cobra Gods for a chance to participate in an underground feast prepared by Ottawa’s best!  In a nutshell, if you sign up for Eat Cobra after reading this and by some chance of fate are selected, you know who you can bring with you as your “plus one”.

Images courtesy of!/CobraOttawa

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