Makeup bag makeover

Change. Sometimes it can be for the good, sometimes it’s the last thing we really want to face and, sometimes, it is the best thing for our face (literally). From the dress-up days when we first tried on Mom’s Mary Kay lipstick, to slumber parties as teeny boppers, we’ve been testing out different and sometimes very ugly (remember the blue mascara “trend”?) make up products. After those adolescent years pass by and we finally find out what works best for our skin type, skin tone and complexion we end up sticking with the tried and true and often shy away from change when it comes to our makeup bag.

Let’s face it, finding the perfect foundation is no easy feat. Nude, Next-to Nude, Ivory, Beige, Creamy Beige. Once you’ve finally sorted through the mundane shades, there’s probably no chance you’re changing your foundation until summertime. But I’m always looking for the product that makes my skin look that much closer to flawless, and I’ll usually try anything once. I’ve learned a lot about makeup miracle products through seeing what my friends use. We hate to admit it, but sometimes other girls know best, so I’ve asked each of the nuts to share their makeup bag’s mysteries.  If you are looking for a change, whether it be that lip stick you’ve been hunting for or a complete makeup bag makeover, here are the ingredients of each of our makeup bags. Take a peek inside. . .


     Inside Jess’s makeup bag you’ll find. . .

1.  Blistex Lip Medex keeps Jess’s kisser well moisturized for the winter months

2. Cover Girl Blush

3. Maybeline Master Drama Eyeliner & Bonne Bell Mauve Eyeliner adds a splash of delicate colour to any makeup palate

4. Maybeline Colossal Volume Mascara

5. Rimmel Bronzer

6. Body Shop Tee Tree Oil Corrector

Go-to item: Clarins Raspberry Sorbet Lipstick.

   Even without a full face, this girly touch makes Jess feel ready for the day! Add a swipe of the Blistex Medex lip balm for a menthol, cooling plumper and she’s all set.



     Inside Catherine’s makeup bag you’ll find. . .

1. MAC Carbon eyeshadow is perfect for that smokey eye effect that Catherine loves for her nights working at the bar.

2. L’Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara adds great volume and length and also is good for touch up applications

3. Body Shop “Warm Sunset” blush

4.Maybeline Define-A-Line ebony black eyeliner

5. Revlon “not just nudes” creme shadow

Go-to item: Maybeline Dream Matte Mousse

 Catherine swears by Maybeline’s Dream Matte Mousse foundation.  It goes on lightly so you never get that caked-on look. In fact, Catherine is the one who turned me on to Maybeline’s Dream Matte Mousse. I’ve been using it ever since!


     Inside Kate’s makeup bag you’ll find . . .

1. Maybeline Dream Matte Mousse (Thank you Catherine!)

2. Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

3. Annabelle Coffee eyeliner

4. GOSH Cool lip jam

5. Revlon Colourburst Lipstick Soft Nude perfect for a neutral pout

6. Benefit Moon Beam  Illuminator highlights the eye bones and cheeks bones

Go-to Item: Body Shop Bronzing Pearls and Bronzer Brush

            You will never find me without a swipe of bronzer on my cheeks and recently, I found the perfect bronzing brush for this effect. Body Shop Bronzer Brush picks up the colour and doesn’t leave remnants of the brushes thistles all over your face.


      In Meghan’s makeup bag you’ll find. . .


1. Stay Matte Pressed Powder by Rimmel

2. Cover Girl pink blush perfect for a winter night to keep those cheekies flushed and feminine

3. Body Shop Shimmer Waves Bronzer , can sometimes work as a shimmery eyeshadow!

4. Exagerate Eye Definer by Rimmel in Noir

5. Lash Stilletto Volumptuous by Maybeline

6. Delipscious Sheer Lip Colour by  The Body Shop

Go-to item: Rimmel Concealer stick

        This little gem is Meghan’s life saver. There isn’t a dark circle or blemish it can’t hide, plus it smooths her skin and make her skin tone even. Warning: Golden Beige is the only one that has this effect, the others just aren’t the same!

** Do you have a makeup product that you simply can’t live without? Leave a comment and let us know!**

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4 thoughts on “Makeup bag makeover

  1. Kate(and Nuts)
    I love your blog, I read it all the time! You are all welcome to crash in Florida when I return to the USA! As for makeup, I’ve been wanting to try the mousse for quite some time so you’ve convinced me. My go-to mascara for 6 years has been Maybelline FullnSoft! Keep posting, and I’ll keep reading <3

  2. I am fully obsessed with grow luscious mascara I used to be a voluminous girl as well but I’m telling you, grow luscious is a MUST HAVE

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