Bottled Up

As many of you probably know by now, I am always encouraging that extra little dip into your bank account to be spent on a quality wine rather than anything else. Wine drinking is far more exciting with a complex glass in hand, and a quality product on your palate. This leads me to today’s post which takes wine, wine-making and wine drinking to the next level – and quite frankly, a level I had never explored until recently. I’ve never before actually taken on the project of MAKING my own wine, so when I was brought to Pure Brew to make a batch for my birthday, I was excited and more so, curious to see what kind of product I would end up with. I’ve never really loved homemade wines, however, I was open to exploring a new avenue for wine. Turns out, wine making is an easy and fun process and it also leaves you with an abundance of deliciousness, if you pick the right wine kit!

Pure Brew is an Orleans based wine-making company, located on St. Joseph Boulevard. Since the store opened in 1993, Pure Brew has  worked to bring their clientele quality products as the demand for complex wines began to take over the wine world. 17 years later, Pure Brew has maintained a steady clinetele base and continue to offer unparalleled services such as a certified sommelier, a knowledgable and friendly staff and a large on-site facility. The store was originally opened by the late Bernard Laflamme, and has recently been taken over by a European winemaker, Ayhan Feim.

So, how does it work? Well, if you take the simple approach to wine-making at Pure Brew, you need to dedicate two visits to the store. At the first visit you simply add the yeast, oak chips, elderflower or elderberries, give it a little stir and you’re done!

The next visit will be scheduled about 1 month post your first visit. The second visit is where the bottling process takes place and requires some serious hands-on action.  The process is surprisingly easy and takes about 30 minutes. Begin by sanitizing your bottles with water spout and drying rack. Next, attach the bottle to a pump which transfers the wine from the jugs to your bottles. Finally, take the bottle and insert it into the corking capsule et voila! Pure Brew’s staff will happily take you through the steps so you don’t end up in a puddle of grape juice!

Within minutes, I was up to my elbows in wine bottles. I was happy to find that  each batch yields about 30 bottles!!  After you have corked the bottles, choose your label from a vast selection and apply manually.  Finish by adding the skirt to the top to leave your bottles with a polished look. Pure Brew offers this service for approximately $100, and the bottles (if you don’t already have your own) are relatively cheap too.

You may be skeptical of homemade wine, and I tell you nuts, I was the biggest skeptic of all. Even if the wine making process is fun and inexpensive, it all comes down to how the final product drinks. . .

Evidently, I was happy to have 30 bottles of kiwi-melon Pinot Grigio on my hands. The wine is off-dry, crisp and when served at 8 or 9 degrees is a refreshing, easy drinking white wine. With the holiday season around the corner, wine making is the perfect way to cut costs on holiday party wines. Along with white, rose and beer kits, Pure Brew offers a great selection of bold, heart-warming reds such as Craft Cellars International Cabernet Merlot, ideal for a crisp winter evening.

Inanutshell, wine-making left me with a product I was proud to drink and based on reviews from the other nuts who were happy to indulge in my self-made vino, everyone will love it.

Pure Brew


2208 St. Joseph Blvd.

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