Still Kings

After the dust of the weekend settles and the high that most concert go-ers experience subsides, I can look back  and still feel the vibration of excitement pulsing through  throngs of people as they piled out of the Scotia Bank Place on Saturday night. The last performance of Kings of Leon’s Come Around Sundown tour was kicked off with Saskatchewan’s The Sheepdogs as they warmed up the crowd with  a few of their most recognizable tunes like “I Don’t Know”, in anticipation for the Kings.

Speculation about another possible cancellation circulated around the trickle end of their tour, as the Tennessee quartet had called the tour quits a few months prior due to a public, fumbling performance. The Followill boys, since the beginning of their five album discography, have been no strangers to the lifestyle  that comes along with gruff rock ‘n roll (maybe that’s why we love them so much) and critics took hold of the band’s past vices to  voice concerns of receiving a strong performance in Ottawa. Adding more fuel to the fire, as Caleb tends to do, the band requested that no media be present at their final show and everyone wanted to know, “Why?” ….

 Turns out that the Kings are back on their throne, sitting steady and showed no signs of stepping down on Saturday night. It seemed to the crowd that KOL didn’t want the media’s attention because they were simply there to perform for their fans, to have fun, be playful and get back to the good ol’ days.

The crowd, even through the austere and almost grief-stricken frontman, could sense the mischief that KOL were up to that night as Caleb let a few moments of pure happiness creep up on his face, taking him (and the crowd) by surprise. 

Opening with their hit “Radioactive” from latest album Come Around Sundown,   the crowd  immediately started jumping, shrieking and shared a collective goosebumps shiver.  From that point and every moment afterward, KOL played confidently and ascended to a mind-blowing performance with songs from all of their albums and giving the audience exactly what they wanted. With such an epic set list, it’s hard to pinpoint the highs ( and certainly leaving no room for lows), but a few shining moments came across with  Caleb’s softer notes, as the violin calmed the crowd in “Back Down South”. The band continued to take the crowd through the sweeter side of their hits with “Revelry” and Arizona.  The previously pumped up crowd came all the way down with the band as Caleb drawled out the unforgetabble lyrics, ” The time we shared, it was precious to me, all the while I was dreaming of revelry“.  Happy to be along for the ride, the crowd was snapped right back up with “No Money”,“Molly’s Chambers” and “Notion”  for the highly anticipated closing sequence of “Knocked Up” and “Sex on Fire”.

As the crowd chanted, swayed, panted in the dimmed lights, the boys finally burst back on stage with the same amount of energy they started with. Closing with a heart-racing encore of “The Bucket”, “Use Somebody” and their signature final jam, “Black Thumbnail” Kings of Leon performed as if they were rocking out while no one was watching, still making music to move thousands. 

{Caleb Followill, thanking the crowd and admitting that the band was there to “. . .hang out and have a good time with y’all”}{Jared Followill rocking out to“Fans”}


{Nathan Followill with the trademark KOL drum set}



{Matt Followill plucking away before chucking pick into crowd}

**Special thanks to Ava Kalmar for sharing her photos from  KOL’s Ottawa performance with inanutshell**

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