Embrace the Rain

The past few days, the Nation’s Capital has been plagued with cold, wet downpours. And if you didn’t have to venture out into it, I’m sure you had to hear at least one Ottawan complain about it. Rain seems to get the best of people, and I can totally relate. Rain makes us uncomfortable; it gives us awkward hair and wet toes that we have to live with all day. And if that weren’t enough, it tampers with our mood. When you look outside on a rainy morning, it’s just THAT much harder to get out of bed and proceed with the day’s activities. If you’re anything like me you would give anything to stay inside on a rainy day, curled up with a good book or movie.

With rain being forecasted for the next six days, I decided to dedicate today’s post to the upside of our wet weather. Hold on to your ponchos!


While I don’t necessarily LOVE trudging in the rain, I am in  love with my Hunter Wellies. Coming from someone who knows little to nothing about fashion, I managed to hit this one on the mark. Hunter Boots are all the rage right now, so not only do my toes stay dry and warm, but somehow I’m also rocking a legit trend. Who knew?

You’re Allowed to be a Homebody:

When the weather is nice on my days off, I usually feel like I have to take advantage of it. You feel pretty silly wasting a beautiful day curled up indoors. When it’s raining, it is much more reasonable to spend the day at home in slippers and a comfy sweater. You have the opportunity to catch up on your reading, stream an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy, and take a large number of naps. When you’re constantly on the go like most of us are, rain gives you a little break from the daily grind. Plus, you can rock a sumo bun all day and no one will ever know…(just me?)

Rain is Romantic:

Something about the rain is extremely romantic. Maybe we’ve been classically conditioned to think this because the movies often feature rain in the best kissing scenes. Maybe it’s because nothing is more attractive than a dripping wet, chiselled man (or woman). Either way, if you’re with someone at the moment, I highly recommend venturing outside for a wet and passionate kiss. If you’re not with someone and don’t feel like jumping the bones of a stranger, you can turn to the world of
film for a quick fix!

4. Singing in the Rain:

I don’t know about you, but Gene Kelly’s classic performance makes the rain seem pretty fun! Happy puddle jumping, nuts!

What are your favourite things about the rain? Let us know in the comments or at inanutshellca@gmail.com

**All photos courtesy of Google.

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