Pet Peeve of the Week

Subject: How my Kitten turned me into a Crazy Cat Lady

Our biggest (animal) fan...

Recently, my boyfriend and I embarked upon a new adventure – we purchased a kitten. Had you told me two years ago that I’d be in a relationship with a cat; I would have told you that you were crazy. And alas, here I am…putty in the paws of my new furry companion. I have always been an animal lover, but I much preferred dogs to cats. That is until I held my kitten at 4 weeks old. He was a tiny little muffin who sat in the palm of my hand, and I was hooked. (That’s how they get you…)

Jasper a t 2 weeks and 4 weeks. Melt.

Here’s the thing, I didn’t know anything about the quirks that come along with cats. After we purchased Jasper, we had to wait a month and a half until he was ready to come home. It wasn’t until then that anyone decided to warn me how crazy cats can be OR how they change your life completely. And so, nutshell readers, here are the things that I never knew about owning a kitten…

1. My kitten is programmed to eat as soon as the alarm goes off. Forget about hitting snooze, those days are long gone. And, you probably think the sound of your alarm going off is the worst sound in the world…but it’s not. It’s the sound of your alarm mixed with a caterwaul that cries for wet food. 

How can you say no to this face? Even if it is 5:30…

 2. When you have to be up at 5:30 a.m. every weekday, you relish being able to sleep in on weekends. At least, I used to. Now, if no alarm goes off at 5:30, there’s still a hungry kitten that demands attention. 6:30 is pretty much the latest he’ll allow you to ignore his breakfast time, and so he will crawl up onto you and tickle you with his whiskers until you can’t deny him his breaky any longer.

He gets even closer up by 6:30...

 3. Jasper is a climber. I know they say cats are curious, but I didn’t realize that curiosity allows cats to defy the laws of gravity and physics. Seriously, my kitten was the size of a gerbil but still managing to jump onto the 4.5 foot tall kitchen counter. HOW!?

4. Kittens are crazy cute when they’re sleeping. But they sleep for so long that when they wake up they are filled with this weird aggressive energy that comes out in short bursts. Your extremities literally become his personal teething ring.

See how cute this is? This is how he hooks you...

...And then he turns on you!

5. Kittens are EXPENSIVE! If you aren’t adopting your kitten from the Humane Society (which I totally recommend if you don’t need a specific breed that is hypoallergenic like ours!) you are on the hook for the initial cost, the immunization, the heart-worm medication, the neutering/spaying, toys, food, litter, accessories… The list goes on. Make sure you are financially ready for this fluff-ball of joy!

A litter box and litter...just some of the mandatory accessories

6. Also, brace yourself, because a fluffy kitten will turn the manliest of men into putty. Think of that Whiskas commercial, where the guy is talking in baby-voice, petting a cat and talking about going on picnics together… That’s now my boyfriend.

"Who's Daddy's little Persian Prince?"

Despite the previous woes that I have listed, kittens will get the best of you and melt your heart. Take it from me, the former self-pronounced dog lover… You will become a crazy cat lady if you adopt one. They weasel their way into your heart with their cuddles and purrs, and the next thing you know you’re writing a blog post about them… Besides, they wouldn’t be so popular on YouTube if they weren’t so damn cute!

Just look at that face...How can you NOT be obsessed?

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One thought on “Pet Peeve of the Week

  1. Reese, a great article.
    However, cat adoptions from the Ottawa Humane Society may plummet.
    Holy Cow………………………………………………………………………….JASPER!
    Holy Cow…………………………………………………………HYPOALLERGENIC!
    Cool green socks on somebody’s feet.

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