Walking for Smiles

There’s nothing better than giving back. So when one of my
oldest and most awesome friends asked me to participate in the 6th
Annual Starlight Foundation’s “Walk for Smiles” I was excited to raise some
money for a great cause and spend a morning walking through one of Ottawa’s
nicest parks.

Getting ready to walk in our "SHINE" t-shirts!

Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada has been dedicated to
improving the quality of life for children with chronic and life-threatening
illnesses and life-altering injuries by providing entertainment, education and
family activities that help them cope with the pain, fear and isolation of
prolonged illness. Starlight’s programs help reduce children’s pain while
helping them to better deal with, understand and manage their illnesses. In
addition, Starlight programs help the child, parents and siblings experience
less depression, anxiety, pain and isolation and bond as a family.

Just an example of how great this Foundation is

This year’s walk was a huge success with close to 200
walkers supporting this great cause. Hosted by Jenny from Hot 89.9’s Morning
Hottub, walkers completed a 5km walk and then enjoyed various activities within
Vincent Massey Park. A barbeque lunch, raffle and music made the day fun for
all ages. The Walk for Smiles was not held solely in Ottawa. With walks taking
place in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, the Starlight Foundation hoped to
raise $150,000 to better the lives of children across the country.

Jenny from Hot 89.9 with this year's Ambassador Robbie Charbonneau

In a nutshell, it was a great morning. Not only was it so
nice to take advantage of a beautiful fall morning outdoors, but I left feeling
so happy. There really is not better feeling than knowing that by giving up a
few hours of my time, I made a significant difference in the lives of children
who really need it.

Kelly, Jess and Rhiannon loving the Mascot

For more information about the Starlight Children’s Foundation or to make a donation, please visit their website: http://www.starlightcanada.org/

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