Friday’s Fashion Fix

While the leaves begin to fall, we’ve got to wear out our summer pieces that still pass in the cooler season. In a few months, we’ll be wearing our jeans and chunky sweaters like no other, so now is the time for shorts and tights or skirts and sweaters. Think about it people. I’ve been into the street style look below for quite some time now, I think it’s so well put together but she really looks like she just threw it on (although I’m sure that’s not the case – but don’t we all want to look that way after 45 minutes of changing?).

A leather skirt is a great investment for the end of summer into fall. Matte tights are great with leather, making a look like this one an option for almost any temperature. The rust colours of her skirt and wedges, with a red accent in her scarf and a touch of black: simple, chic, loooovely…in a nutshell.



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