What We’re Craving RIGHT Now…

Lately, we’ve been talking a LOT about falling into a new season… (See what I did there?) Don’t get me wrong, we nuts will definitely miss summer. The hot summer days, long summer nights and all the fun that goes hand in hand with NOT being bundled up is always the best. But, we have to come to terms with the fact that summer is fleeting, and fall is upon us. Personally, I love fall. Not only am I able to rock jeans and a cardigan (my un-fashionable go-to uniform), but I’m also able to justify “back-to-school” shopping. (Even if you aren’t in school, September somehow makes you believe that you need an entirely new wardrobe.) Kaylee hits it on the mark with her pick for a fall fashion must-have here, and so I asked the other nuts what they were craving to complete their closets this season….


#1 – Aritzia leopard scarf

I’ve been eyeing this scarf for a year now. One of my favourite ways to dress up a fall outfit is to throw on a scarf that is both cozy and fashionable and can be worn in and out of doors. I love the animal print on this one and think it’s equal parts exotic and understated. The problem: the scarf is $68 !! I haven’t been able to justify spending that much on a single accessory that should really cost $30 at most … but I drool every time I’m online browsing or perusing my favourite store. 

#2 – Charles Albert loafer pumps

I have fallen in love with these shoes. I’ve developed a recent obsession with neutral colour footwear and these plat-formed heels are both retro and modern. I could wear these with any work outfit but could also pair it with a flirty skirt for a night on the town. Only $49 I think I know what my next purchase is going to be … (if the scarf doesn’t bankrupt me first!)


#1 – Feminine-looking loafers:

With male twists on many of the fall 2011 runway collections – I can’t get my mind off finding a pair of perfectly feminine loafers. I have my eye on either the Tommy Hilfiger Penny Loafer Heels (in dark brown or bottle green) or a variation of Top Shop’s May Snaffle Trim Loafers (in tan) to pull off an instantly classic look when paired with either work clothes, or a pair of dark skinny jeans.

#2 – Michael Kors Hooded Snap Coats:

This fall I want something that’s versatile enough to wear either at work or in my downtime – and this coat does the trick with its conservative military snaps and equally playful billowy hood. I also love high collars – they’re an easy way to achieve that stylish runway look, while still keeping the collarbone cozy during those chilly Ottawa autumns. 


#1 – The Regent Grovesnor Hunter Boot

With all of the things I love about fall, there is one thing that I simply cannot stand: getting my tootsies wet. A pleasant walk anywhere is enormously depreciated by this one small factor of sopping extremities. So this fall, I am craving a sparkly version of a common boot – The Hunter Boot. The pair I have my eye on are studded with silver buttons and will certainly add that extra bit of jazz to my fall wardrobe.


 #1 – Michael Kors Hamilton Messenger Bag:

Right now I am DYING for a new bag. I have a slight obsession with purses, but lately my choices have been on the small size. Now that I’m back in school I need a larger bag that not only fits my binder and the papers I have to mark, but a million other items that I need to have at my disposal. My ultimate pick is this medium sized Micahel Kors bag, whose colour is so rich, fitting right in with the rich colours that this season has to offer.

#2 – American Eagle ‘Favourite’ Plaid Shirt: 

On a slightly more affordable note, I would also love a new plaid shirt. Red is such a rich fall colour, and I’m dying for a cozy shirt to wear to class. While I can probably find something from the plaid variety in a vintage shop, American Eagle has a slightly more tailored version that I have my eye on.

With so many fall favourites on our hands, I have a feeling our wallets are going to feel a little bit lighter, in a nutshell…
What are your fashion cravings right now? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line: inanutshellca@gmail.com

**all images courtesy of google.


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