Man’s Digest: Work it Out II

Felix Hamel shares with us his realistic weight loss solution with before and after pictures to prove it. Read on to find out how you can incorporate some of his simple but necessary techniques into your lifestyle.

By Felix Hamel:

Below I have outlined my current workout; I like to workout early in the week so I can enjoy time off on the weekend but a good rest schedule is almost as important as the training schedule. Most people will prefer taking a rest day halfway through the week.
Monday: Chest and triceps workout with 30 minutes of cardio
Tuesday: Leg workout with 30 minutes cardio
Wednesday: Back and bicep workout with 30 minutes of cardio
Thursday: Shoulder workout with 30 minutes of cardio
Friday: Rest or cardio
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest or cardio

Cardio will usually consist of treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike but any type of cardio will offer results, the most important thing is to be able to consistently do cardio and switch up the routine if it starts getting boring.

Nutrition plays the most important role in a weight loss regiment, but it also needs to be addressed with realistic goals. Eating healthy all the time is impossible, so trying to eat healthy most of the time is crucial. I never give up a night of drinking or a good meal a few times a week but I will always try to counter balance this by eating healthy for the rest of the week. What works for me is trying to eat healthy during the week which is made easier by following the same steps every week. First, it is absolutely essential to begin the day with a good breakfast with lots of protein; this will help to keep a feeling of fullness throughout the day. My breakfast usually consists of egg whites, some fruit, a glass of milk and whole wheat tortilla. For the rest of the day I will eat several smaller meals such as chicken with vegetables. I also try to snack on fruits throughout the day and add in a protein shake after a workout. For dinner, I will often make chicken wraps with whole wheat tortilla or a stir fry with a glass of milk and fruit. Eating many smaller meals also helps keeping the stomach satisfied without having to eat large portions and will help resist cravings for unhealthy items.

Losing weight requires a lot of dedication and cannot be accomplished overnight, but I have managed to change my lifestyle without giving up things I love altogether and by making smart decisions. It is possible for anyone to get great results by following these principles, I am far from being an elite athlete or expert nutritionist but applying these techniques to a regular lifestyle can shed pounds without having to make any extreme sacrifices.

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