Dry Shampoo: Fad or Fix?

We’ve all read the beauty articles that condemn every-day hair washing. The majority of women have hair that falls on the ‘dry’ side of the hair spectrum. This is a result of the torture that we put our hair through, by means of colouring and styling with heat. And while most women benefit from skipping a day between shampoos, I am part of the minority that does not.

These tools wreak havoc on your hair!

Since I’ve been young, I’ve been mocked for having a lack of hair. The running joke is that I didn’t get hair until I was approximately 5 years old. (The worst part is that this is barely an exaggeration.) But, my hair (or lack thereof) is on the oily side, causing me to shampoo every day. Sometimes, if I work all day and have an event at night, I’ll even wash it twice. While many ‘experts’ consider this hair suicide, I consider it necessary…

My baby locks circa 2002ish...Couldn't be more bald if I tried.

Imagine my surprise when dry shampoos began to explode on the market. I thought, here is my saviour, for those evenings where I don’t have time to re-wash my hair before hitting the town. I did some research on-line, and found that in Canada a top rated dry-shampoo was KLORANE. It’s available at Shoppers Drug Mart, and will cost you $16.50 for a small bottle. (Definitely not something that I can afford to use every day!*)

Klorane Dry Seboregulating Shampoo with Nettle: For Oily Prone Hair

The process:
I sprayed the powder-like product onto my roots all over my head and waited the two minutes it recommends before brushing my hair.

The results:
The results were mediocre. It did lessen the amount of visible oil that could be seen in my hair, but it left my hair looking quite flat. Frustrated with my purchase, I threw my hair into a quick up-do, and was happy with those results. When pinned up, my hair looked clean and full, with no traces of oil.

My recommendation:This dry shampoo is not the ideal product to produce an amazing coif for an important night out, but it is a quick fix if you don’t mind keeping your hair up. If you hit the snooze button one too many times in the morning and don’t have time to wash your hair and style it, maybe dry shampoo is the beauty solution for you!

*There are less expensive options on the market. Following this experiment with Klorane, which was the only dry-shampoo I could get my hands on at my local Shoppers, I did find a Tresseme version that retails for $5.50 at Walmart. I can’t attest to its quality, but the price is definitely right. If you try it, drop me a line at inanutshellca@gmail.com to let me know how it works!

**All images via Google, with the exception of my self-portrait which (shamefully) is on Facebook.

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