Backpacker’s Diary: Part 2

I am currently typing to you from the train that kicks off our trip, which will be taking us to Toronto to catch our flight to Athens. I have to say that despite the endless packing, shopping and planning, this trip still feels surreal. I can’t seem to wrap my head around a three month adventure. Despite this, I am obviously feeling curious, excited, nervous and so many other things when I think about what we’re about to do.

When I wrote Part 1 of this series, I had only gone so far as to purchase the real essentials, from backpacks to a tent and some water canisters. Following that, I felt relieved and basically all set for three months of camping, hiking, exploring and sightseeing. When I began compiling my packing list however, I quickly realized that the shopping was far from over.

My very long list included walking shoes, a day bag, things to keep me warm, pint-sized toiletries, a camera and everything in between. Nothing I owned seemed compact enough for a trip like this. When the shopping began, I was most mindful of versatility, comfort and as I’m sure you can guess, style was a factor as well.

As time went on, I began to stray from my list. Uggs were purchased when I realized my toesies would be cold when November hit, and it might be nice to have slipper-like boots for when my feet were soar from endless walking. I was glad that I left a month or two to organize myself, because the list of things to do kept increasing. I can now say that I feel very prepared for it all, let’s just hope I feel the same way in a few weeks.

Below are some of the items I purchased just for the trip, that I think are quite essential and will come in great handy over the next three months. A bientot!

Dooney & Bourke Satchel: the ideal size, style and format. I was so happy to find this at The Bay.

Comfortable sneakers by Ecco, Uggs for cooler temperatures, Birks for walking.

Two books, a travel journal and a notepad (thanks nuts!)

iPod speakers for hostel partying and camping, a netbook for keeping in touch, a camera (in use at time of photo) and a memory stick USB for easy transfers.

Beach ready with a foldable fedora, a colorful bathing suit, Ray Bans and sunscreen.


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