Monday Movie Music Moment

This is a unique Monday Movie Music Moment – because it’s from a movie that I would readily admit isn’t very good at all, a movie I’ve only ever seen once (and was forced to watch), and a movie I will most likely never toss on again.

It does, however, have a cute and memorable enough scene for me to be writing this. The movie 27 dresses (I actually originally wrote 17 dresses and had to backspace – says enough about the attention I paid to the film), is your simple romantic-comedy that made a mediocre dent in box office sales and details the ongoing search for love by a charmingly flawed female protagonist. A fairly recognizable concept, if you ask me. Unlike the 1990s rom-com’s which always seemed to feature a nugget of genius song selection, nowadays it’s tough to come across one that features a special tune or musical moment you’ll remember.

These days, it boils down to this kind of example: the goofy use of a classic song that, if nothing else, puts a little smile on our face. In this case, there isn’t much relevance to this segment and what it means (aside from the fact that I think it segways into some …snuggling… in the next scene), but it did make me chuckle the first time I saw it. Perhaps because I think James Marsden is sweet, or because it really is one of my top five favourite songs of all-time, or because it’s true that few people actually know the words. Either way, it’s fun to watch and Elton John lovers everywhere will appreciate it.

Here’s a light-hearted movie moment and if anything, maybe I’ve done you a favour in showing you the best scene in the movie. Happy Monday, enjoy!

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Jess (@JessHuddles) is the music mama and song savvy nut of in a nutshell. Since she was young, Jess has noticed new acts, harassed people to find out what tune is playing and asked everyone to repeat themselves because she's plugged in. After completing a journalism degree at Carleton University, Jess stepped into the world of communications, music publicity and magazine writing, while still making time each day to share sounds. Although this funny gal also has a strong passion for fashion and all things pop culture, you're most likely to hear her rave that a particular song or album will "change your life." * Bad Habit: Smart Food. * Favourite Food: Avocado everything. * Favourite Restaurant: La Carnita. * Wine of Choice: Merlot. * Favourite Band/Artist(s): The Boss, Ryan Adams, The Walkmen, Band of Horses. * Favourite Song: All Springsteen songs, "Sweet Thing" by Van Morrison, “Bennie and the Jets" by Elton John, "I Go To The Barn" by Band of Horses and "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding. * Fashion Icon: Emily Weiss. * Favourite Movie: Only You, Forrest Gump, The Departed. * TV series: Breaking Bad or Friends. * Sport: Basketball and Soccer. * Team: Duke... but, realistically, Florida. * Blackberry or Iphone: iPhone. * Favourite Books: The Great Gatsby, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and all Kerouac.

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