Pet Peeve of the Week

Subject: Public Washrooms

**Disclaimer for all: The subject of this week’s Pet Peeve is seriously disgusting.
**Disclaimer for our male fans: Despite your best efforts to ignore this… Women go #2.

The subject of this week’s post is something that I think EVERYONE can relate to. Well, at least every woman. Quite frankly I don’t spend a lot of time (or any for that matter) assessing men’s washrooms, and for all I know, they could be immaculate. And so I ask: WHY ARE PUBLIC WASHROOMS SO DISGUSTING!? They are legitimately the worst. And no matter how often employees are forced to clean the landfill which is my office restroom, they somehow are always dirty. Seriously, I work for the Government with ‘professionals’…you would think I was working with zoo animals.


As much as I hate hand-dryers in public bathrooms (I have an irrational fear that they just spit germs back onto freshly washed hands) I can completely relate to why paper towels have been eliminated from so many of them. While one could argue that going green is the main reason, I have to disagree. Saving the environment is great, but the reason we don’t always get paper towels is because people are too lazy to put them in the trash can. You would think that it was located at the end of an obstacle course rather than one meter away from the sink. Oh, and if you want to channel Kobe in the bathroom and free-throw your used paper-towels, fine. But if you miss (because you’re not Kobe) for god’s sake PLEASE pick the trash up.

Yo, mail clerk - you're not Kobe. Just quit it.

Hand Washing:

IT’S NOT OPTIONAL. There, I said it.

Apparently, these reminders are actually necessary.

The Flush:

The automatic flush has made going to public washrooms that much easier. Instead of having to touch the toilet handle (that is somehow ALWAYS wet with disgusting condensation) you can do your business and it will flush for you. However, the magic flush is not perfect. Sometimes, it just won’t work. For this reason, there is ALWAYS a button to push that allows you to manually flush the toilet. If it doesn’t flush, DO IT YOURSELF. Why must I enter a stall only to be greeted by a horrendous piece of hazardous waste?

If you can't stand to touch the handle, use this technique!

The Pig-Pen Stall:

Somehow, public bathrooms cause people to revert back to the dark ages. We are supposed to be an advanced society, where you clean up after yourself and have respect for common, shared spaces. Why is it, that when I recently went shopping, that I opened a stall only to find that someone had literally smeared ‘number 2’ on the walls? At what point was that a good idea?! SERIOUSLY. What went so catastrophically wrong in there that your only option in there was to do that? I just can’t comprehend it. The worst part is that these stalls, which are straight out of my worst nightmare, almost always exist in shopping centers. Each time you think you’ve seen the worst, somehow, you haven’t…Insert ominous music here…in a nutshell.

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