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There are many things that the ladies behind inanutshell love about our little blog that could. Every hit, word of encouragement, comment from someone new is appreciated and discussed between us. At the end of the day inanutshell is our very favourite hobby and we just want to share it with anyone who will listen (/read).

I must, however, also point out that there is one thing that comes up in conversation every time the nuts sit down to a coffee date, editorial board meeting or round of tequila shots that makes us beam with pride.

Our “women’s lifestyle blog” is read by so. many. MEN.

Sure our Dad’s and boyfriends have no choice in the matter but when we dreamed up inanutshell we never expected to get so many props from our man friends. Of course the normal amount of teasing that is accompanied by surrounding yourself with a healthy dose of testosterone is there.. (Ex: “Girls, please tell us about it… in a nutshell.” “What are you ladies doing this weekend, blogging?”) But amid all the snide remarks, punches on the arm and hilarious Facebook status’ or tweets, comes a re-assuring  “Oh common, I actually love inanutshell. Is it okay to admit I read all your posts?”

So with that said, male audience, we love that you do.

As thanks to our devoted macho readership, at our last meeting we decided it was a must to bring you a new monthly feature “Man’s Digest”. On the last day of every month you can expect a post directed at you, hot shots. Mostly advice from your five favourite gals, and you can bet that when Meghan’s turn rolls around a hilariously male themed pet peeve will appear. To kick it off, each nut has below described their ideal date (a little cliché, but so necessary – some of these ladies are single fellas, and if you’ve noticed Jess often writes her posts in only her underpants #notjoking). So take notes boys, prepare to get your romance on and with a big virtual smooch, keep reading… in a nutshell.


My ideal date would be simple and casual, nothing extravagant. Since we’re speaking ideally, I’d immediately say the guy would have to plan every aspect, leaving the girl with a night of thoughtful surprises. Having said that, l will now outline every detail. The date would start with a breezy nighttime bike ride to the Old Port (the route from downtown down the Canal and across all the bridges, passing picturesque views of the city, is an event in itself). We would make our way to a quaint restaurant with a terrace to enjoy cooled wine and a lovely meal in Montreal’s romantic Old Port. Great conversation and company is really all I need, and most any restaurant in this beautiful city adds that special flair of European atmosphere and delightful cuisine. In the winter, my favorite nights are skating down the Ottawa Canal towards a toasty meal with beaver tails and apple cider enjoyed along the way (god am I ever Canadian). Remember boys, keeping the night a mystery is always a pleasant and welcomed surprise.

K-a-y-l-e-e K-i-s-s-i-n-g! Old Port, Montreal (photo courtesy of


My ideal date would take place in the fall. The bigger the city, the better. First, I would want to go for an early evening walk around the city when it’s crisp out and the sky’s at that blue point in fading. The best skies are those ones. We could spot all sorts of weird restaurants and boutiques we’d like to go to someday together. Then, the two of us could either reconvene after getting into appropriate date attire (I’m a girl and don’t mind dressing up) or go straight to dinner at a fairly unknown Italian or Indian restaurant where the food is rich and the wine is plenty. I don’t care if its busy, we’re in our own little bubble anyway probably. After that, go get a table in the corner of a quirky bar where fun and danceable tunes are playing (like bluegrass or upbeat jazz); more points awarded if it’s a place where we can watch and listen to live music, and then he can take me for a spin around the dance floor. The more goofy and carefree dancing the better. Laughing is key, if I’m laughing I’m set. Again, we’re most likely in our own bubble so who cares. Then take a leisurely walk home along the canal and people watch. The ideal person would definitely be someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, because I certainly don’t. Any or all of those date night things are the recipe for a lovely little evening together in my mind.

As the resident foodie and wino of Inanutshell, you might be surprised that my suggestion for “the perfect date” doesn’t involve an elaborate meal and wine (although I wouldn’t complain!). Instead, my idea of a perfect date is a trip up to Morrison’s Quarry in Wakefeild. It is a remote location, and the perfect distance away from the city to be able to truly leave it all behind. A fresh baguette, some cheese, a six-pack of Blanche de Chambly and you’re all set. Go for a dip in the crystal clear water while you watch brave souls take the plunge, Bungee Jumping off of the overlooking cliff (the horrified screams of each jumper aren’t exactly “romantic” but certainly entertaining)! To spice things up a bit, why not take the plunge together?!

Kate's idea of a picture perfect day - Wakefield Quarry


My ideal date: the not so far away get-away. Life is crazy, and it can be difficult to find time to get out of town and spend quality time disconnected from the hustle-bustle of everyday. I was lucky enough to have won a free night’s stay at the Delta Hotel in downtown Ottawa, but one night’s stay at a hotel can be a compromise to missing out on a vacation. Take advantage of the hotel’s luxuries, by spending some time in the pool and hot tubs. Next, make sure to disconnect yourselves and leave your Blackberries and IPhones in the room. Take a relaxing stroll from the business sector to the market, and pick one of the fine restaurants at your fingertips. Indulge in amazing food and wine, and then walk it off as you stroll home, hand in hand. On the way, make sure to stop and watch the light show that happens at Parliament Hill each summer evening. Walking in the summer breeze is always lovely, and good company makes it even better. Plus, when you get back to your room, a King size bed and fluffy hotel pillows will be waiting for you!  There is simply nothing better…


One time a potential prospect approached Kate to tell her he had a crush on me. Her response, “She likes to be swept off her feet, good luck to you sir.” It’s true, I do. Now, that does not mean I expect two turtledoves and a partridge in a pear tree to arrive on my doorstep, I’m all about the little things. Upon arrival, I do not want my suitor to be carrying flowers – a little too cheesy (not that I wouldn’t love a “just because” bouquet after a few months).  I’d much rather my favourite kind of latte waiting in the cup holder of the passenger seat, or a strawberry smoothie from Orange Julius because “that one time” I mentioned I had an obsession. I guess I’m a little traditional in that dinner comes next, but as delish as The Keg or a similar venue is I’d much rather go to some little spot I’ve never heard of that’s special for some reason. In the summer – this little patio right on the water where they have the “best“ mussels in town, or in the winter – you’ve got a favourite table someplace right near the fireplace, etc. At dinner you’re charming and interested, you make me throw my head back in laughter and flirting is at a maximum. Afterwards you take me for a nightcap at your favourite bar where we can sip on some drinks, loosen up a bit and bob our heads to some tunes. Or ideally, you want to do “something out of the ordinary” (like Outkast) and you feel like showing off by winning me a prize at a nearby fair and never judging me for wanting a caramel apple. And with that (or something similar), gentlemen, my feet are swept.

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