Friday’s Fashion Fix

While I may not opt for the Fish of the Day all too often, I would surely pick scallops off a fashion menu, especially around now when they are in season. A discrete hint of scalloped detail adds so much to any look. A pair of plain shorts are made feminine with those rounded ridges that make such a difference, same with the lapel of a blazer and a tulip skirt. If you don’t already own an item with a touch of scalloping, keep your eye out for one, and if you’ve got some hidden in that closet of yours, wear them now while light and breezy items are still an option. And if scallops aren’t your thing, well then as they say, there are plenty o’ fish in the sea  …in a nutshell.

Giovanna Battaglia (left), Clemence Poesy (right)

Chloe Sevigny (left) and scallop details

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