DIY: Furniture Facelift

As most of you know, Kate and I recently moved into our first post-University apartment. Over the past month and a half, we have tirelessly worked on setting up our new place and making it feel beautiful and personalized at the same time. I can safely say, that we have gotten ourselves well situated. However, our plan is to continuously work on the place, upgrading items and decor.

Recently, I was gifted an old, wooden television stand. And while it did not match the colour scheme in our living room, it is undoubtedly sturdier than the two side tables that we have balanced our television on. Instead of compromising on colour, I decided to give this piece a facelift and make it my own.

Step 1: Prep

Wiping the unit clean with Lysol. Dust bunnies don't stand a chance!

Lie a tarp beneath the piece you plan to paint, that you don’t mind ruining. Clean the piece (I used Lysol wipes) of all dust and dirt. Dust and dirt do not react well to paint. It clumps, and won’t allow for the paint to be applied smoothly. 

Step 2: Safety First!

Yes, I look like a dweeb. But better a dweeb than a dunce. Who knows what those fumes can do!

Make sure that you invest in some form of painter’s protection. I wore sunglasses to protect my eyes, and a mask over my mouth and nose. The fumes emitted from the paint are not something that you want to breath in! 

Step 3: Choose your Paint

Thanks Krylon!

This project called for spray paint, so I headed out to the local Paint department at Walmart. I chose an All-Purpose paint that is suitable for Indoor and Outdoor jobs and a variety of surfaces. I opted for a flat paint, because I knew that I would need more than one coat. I initially purchased 2 cans (costing me a measly $9) but needed to grab a third for my final coat. If you want a gleaming finish, pick up a clear lacquer and apply once you are finished painting. 

Step 4: Paint that Piece!

Hard at work!

Let me warn you in advance, this is tedious work. For a piece to look solid black, you will need to apply 3 coats of spray paint. (Word to the wise: Unless you work out your index finger often, your hand will cramp and your painting arm will ache for 2 days.)

Spray in long smooth sprays and try to avoid overlapping the paint. If it begins to look very wet or begins to drip, you are too close. Work from one side to the other, and make sure you cover the piece in its entirety. Spray paint dries quickly, so you will be able to apply your coats back to back. When you are happy with the look of your piece, let it sit for a few hours to let the paint seal.

Et voila! A new look for an old piece! The cost of my project was $13.50, which is by far the cheapest piece of sturdy furniture I have ever owned. Instead of buying new, explore the furniture at thrift stores and garage sales. With some spray paint and a little elbow grease, someone’s trash can become your latest treasure…in a nutshell.

***My latest DIY is arriving at 414, courtesy of my personal delivery man (thanks BF!) this weekend. Check back soon for a picture of my masterpiece in its new home!

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