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In my professional life, my email signature reads “Social Media Specialist” so suffice it to say, I’ve spent a lot of time on Twitter. While I do tweet from another account for work, my personal account is where I have the most fun. I currently follow 693 people, from close friends, to celebrities, to news agencies and every fashion mag editor I can find (#networking). But Twitter is really the best place to get a quick laugh and to waste a chunk of your day, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite accounts to follow. Disclaimer: This list is for pure entertainment and will not teach you much about current events or social issues. Just sit back, follow, laugh, and admire, while those 140 characters get the best of you.



@TheEllenShow – our homegirl Ellen DeGeneres (and her staff of writers), tweet hilarious photos, stories and behind the scenes peaks everyday. They’ll keep you laughing and will make you love Ellen even more, somehow.

@SteveMartinToGo – Steve Martin didn’t disappoint when he entered the 21st Century by creating a Twitter account. His tweets will make you chuckle, and he’ll keep you up to date on his banjo tours (if you’re into that..)

@AlecBaldwin – Mr. Baldwin tweets a lot, and there are no buffers to the profanity and all around ridiculous comedy he churns out. He keeps it real and never disappoints.

@badbanana – Writer Tim Siedell is countlessly found on Twitter ‘must follow’ lists. His tweets are outrageously funny, and have even been published in books, on T-shirts and recited on television. He also writes for the Huffington Post. #legit

@preschoolgems – Do kids say the darndest things? Well if Bill Cosby didn’t prove it, this twitter account sure does. Here you’ll find random quotes overheard from preschool children, it’s so innocently adorable and definitely worthy of its ‘gem’ twitter tag.



@victoriabeckham – Contrary to popular belief, Sexy Spice doesn’t just tweet paparazzi-like photos of herself. She actually (shockingly) knows how to work Twitter and uses it well. She tweets at other celebrities and gives her followers an inside look at her personal life. She even took to Twitter to post the first picture of her baby, Harper Seven.

VB tweets: "Daddy's little girl! X VB X" The world responds: "Hiii David.."

@SofiaVergara – Modern Family fans, unite. Sofia Vergara tweets pictures from the set and gives us an inside look at new episodes. Charming accent, included.

@jason_mraz – Putting aside “I’m Yours” which we can all agree is overplayed and overrated, Jason Mraz is actually a hilarious human, and his Twitter proves it. When I saw him at Osheaga, his humour made the crowd go wild, and his tweets do the same.

@ActuallyNPH – How I Met Your Mother fans must follow NPH. He’s a great tweeter and is seriously funny. Like Victoria, he also showed his followers a first look at his newest addition – twins! (one also named Harper – coincidence? Probably).



@rzrachelzoe – If you don’t worship her like me some people, you can simply enjoy Rachel Zoe for her valley girl ways, and her epic wardrobe. If not for that, she often posts pictures of her outfits, and of the fashion elite at some seriously glamorous parties.

@dkny – Representing the dkny brand, DKNY PR Girl is a brand all her own. While she will undoubtedly dominate your twitter feed, she’ll also give you an inside look at the fashion industry, and she gives huge tips on #PR101. Oh, and she follows me, #nbd.

@OscarPRGirl – Oscar de la Renta, one of the greatest and most luxurious fashion houses in the world, has done a great job at becoming fresh, modern and young. Communications Director, Erica Bearman, tweets from the side of Oscar, often posting photos of her outfits (WOW.) and giving us an inside look at the life of Oscar de la Renta himself. PS – She’s incredibly gorgeous.

Oscar PR Girl

@ElizandJames – A brand co-designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the woman behind this Twitter account knows what’s up. Her tweets will keep you entertained for hours, and she’ll never leave out the details of everyday life living in NYC and working in fashion. #jealous



@inanutshellca – Stay up to date on our daily posts by following us! We also chat to each other and discuss future plans for the blog. We love to live tweet our meetings, but mostly our nights on the town. #partyanimals

Business cards, twit picked.

@megb723 – Love those pet peeves? Meghan’s twitter may just give you a sneak peak for what’s to come. Her humorous tweets and daily discussions will surely keep you entertained.

@katelalu – Wining and dining is often the theme of Kate’s Twitter feed. She’s also got style and home decor under wraps, with a sprinkle of articles she finds most appealing.

@jesshuddles – Songs, artists and albums to listen to, Jess’ Twitter is like a YouTube filter – nothing but the best and newest tunes from our whistle-while-you-work nut.

@catkitts – Cat is our news reporter by day and nightlife expert by night. Her twitter feed includes headlines, The Bachelorette play-by-plays and a whole lot of chatter to her many followers.

@kpare21 – That’s me! Because my job calls for loads of research in fashion and even more tweeting, my feed often includes fashion-themed content. I also love foursquare, so you can surprise me very easily. Please don’t…

Honourable Mentions: @Bergdorfs, @NinaGarcia, @LisaTant, @FLAREfashion, @marieclaire@voguemagazine, @TheOnion, @andersoncooper


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