Nutty Ways to Beat the Heat

Holy Hannah. It’s hot.

Ottawa has been graced with the warmest heat wave yet. While temperatures are sitting at about 28 degrees right now (10:30 am) the humidity already makes it feel like it’s 39 out there. By this afternoon, it’ll feel like 47!! While us nuts, eat up the sunshine and don’t like to complain about any day that doesn’t force us to wear boots and trudge through the snow… this is the uncomfortable kind of sticky that makes you wish you splurged for central air conditioning.

Kate and I are currently slothed over my bed, huge fan aimed at our bodies, too hot to even peruse magazines.  It’s got us planning our day around beating the heat, so here’s a few heat wave related tips for you to enjoy little nuts & stay hydrated!

1. You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for…. Frozen Yogurt?

Picture: courtesy of Google

While any sort of cool treat will help you get by on a day like today I tend to turn to frozen yogurt. So refreshing and made with real fruit, it only contains 120 calories while the ice cream alternative packs in 150 for a baby scoop. Yogen Fruz in the Rideau centre is calling my name, bet you’ll have to fight me for a place in line.

2. Nuts For: Ruched Bums

Picture: courtesy of

Hope Beach Volleyball tournament was this past weekend seeing 10,000 participants and party animals pack Mooney’s Bay Beach here in Ottawa. Three out of the five nuts were present to be oh-so athletic and obviously partake in the beer tent and dance party that ensued. For such a summer highlight it was sure that I would need a new bikini to entice the local hunks and in doing so I fell in love with a new style of suit. A new trend in the swimsuit world, having a ruched bikini bottom makes your hiney look cute and compact. The one I purchased (not seen above) was a turquoise Body Glove and did the trick for an amazing day on the sands.

 3. Sunburn Saviour Part I

Picture: courtesy of Google

Kate & I may have gotten a wee bit too much sun yesterday when we spent our day off frolicking on the water slides at Calypso. Upon returning home to see the damage we lathered ourselves with Olay Complete Defence Daily UV Moisturizer with SPF. I’m not one to normally moisturize much, but smothering some of this on our spicy skin felt almost as good as it did diving into the cool water earlier in the day. Beauty tip: keep the moisturizer in the fridge for an especially refreshing rub down.

4. Sunburn Saviour Part II

Picture: courtesy of

Ever get a sunburn on your lips!? It is the absolute worst. They get red and puffy and you have to train yourself not to lick them constantly. While there are a million products out there trying to help you achieve the Angelina Jolie look, sunburnt lips are not cute. My fave lip-gloss can be found at American Apparel for $7 a pop. Smith’s Rosebud Lip Balm is delish with its Strawberry flavouring and it makes your lips feel refreshed and glossy. Only thing you have to watch out for is having your guy friends mistake it for a tin of chewing tobacco when you pull it out of your purse. Trust me, it happens.

5. Relaxation Nation

Picture: courtesy of Google

Since I’m on vacation I have been spending the majority of my days looking like the above picture. Just put me in the chair and my latest read and I’m happy as a clam for the remainder of the afternoon. So even if you’re working that pesky nine to five, make sure you find some Zen time this weekend. Pool by your side, book in your lap, drink in your hand, smile on your face… in a nutshell.

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