Crushing on The Coveteur

While writing, working and everything that comes with the daily routine definitely keeps me busy, I always make sure to take the time for my favorite blogs. Among the lengthy list is a site that continually keeps me coming back for more, a blog like no other; called The Coveteur. Since it’s inception just a few months ago, I have been ritualistically following the work of founders Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark, who have come up with an innovative niche for their blog. The Coveteur, as explained on the website, “takes you inside the closets of internationally influential cultural forecasters, showing us what culminates in their personal style – one item at a time”.  As I explained here, blogs and street style photographers have made editors and the industry’s insiders a new breed of celebrity. In reaction to this, the founders of The Coveteur realized that people would likely want to see inside these people’s closets, really badly. Of course they were so right. Ever since, The Coveteur has taken its viewers inside the closets of DJs, makeup artists, stylists, editors, bloggers, store owners and even a few of those celebrities that we love to hate. From TV personality Dan Levy to co-founder of WhoWhatWear Hillary Kerr, ELLE Magazine’s Accessories Director, Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller, Nicky Hilton and Khloe Kardashian, The Coveteur knows no boundaries.

Did I forget to mention something? Yes, I did. The founders of The Coveteur are Canadians. Oh. Canada. How you’ve done us proud.

You may think shots of a bunch of shelves and hangers would become pretty mundane after a while, but photographer Jake Rosenberg (and I’m sure many helpers) forbid this. Items are placed intelligently between gorgeous home décor and often paired together as outfits. Further, ‘covetees’ explain where they got the pieces and what they mean to them – one of my favorite parts of the site. Although, it is upsetting to learn just how much of their stuff is gifted (boo hoo).

Here are some highlights from The Coveteur’s many shoots, and if you want a daily dose of behind the scenes fun and hilarious hash tags, follow The Coveteur on Twitter too.

P.S. You may recognize the name Erin Kleinberg from my article on Canadian designers, and yes, it’s the same talented Canadian! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Chelsea Zalopany, Fashion Writer at T Magazine (Manolo Blahnik pumps)

Kate Davidson Hudson, Accessories Director at Elle Magazine: "This Céline shopper was a must-have."

Suzanne Rogers, Philanthropist & Fashion Enthusiast: "I keep only one or two seasons in my present closet, the rest is put away and stored. I label all boxes with a photo and try to color coordinate everything; I am a neat freak."

Katherine Power, Creative Director and Co-Founder at WhoWhatWear: "This photo cracks me up. It reminds me of my style circa 2004, that was a fun summer."

Jane Keltner de Valle, Fashion News Director at Teen Vogue: "My husband is an architect, and when we moved into our apartment my one request was to have a wall for my shoes"

Liz Cabral, Fashion Director at FLARE Magazine: "The feather dress was a gift from Kirk and Stephen of Canadian label Greta Constantine, the boys are the sweetest. The dress’ style name was actually “The Liz” and was inspired by them."

Leandra Medine, Author of Man Repeller: "The dress is BB Dakota. Doesn’t it look Miu Miu? It was $90." (Shoes are Aldo)

Ok I know this isn’t exactly a feel-good post, I’ve likely just made you feel depressed about your wardrobe. But never fear, women like the ones who founded The Coveteur, are just like you and me, passionate and hard working, so who knows, one day one of our closets may appear on their virtual pages. Let’s just keep telling ourselves that, it’s the best I can do…in a nutshell.

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