Canada Day Survival Guide

Well nuts, the day is almost here! Tomorrow, Canada Day 2011 is upon us! The Nations Capital is always the host of the biggest, craziest Canada Day party, where tens of thousands of Canadians and foreign tourist make their way to Parliament Hill to take part in the legendary festivities. This year is especially important because Canada Day marks the beginning of the newly married Prince and Princess of Cambridge’s first foreign tour. William and Kate are scheduled to arrive this afternoon in Ottawa and partake in tomorrows celebration. That being said, the capital will be more vibrant than ever and we want to make sure that you are prepared to celebrate our country’s Birthday like a pro…

1. Channel a Boy Scout, and Be Prepared:
First, make sure you have all important items packed before you leave, including I.D. and cash. Pubs and bars are going to be very careful about who they’re serving. So even if you aren’t freshly 19, make sure you have it. Also, ATM lines will be crazy and you can bet that the fees will have skyrocketed. Make sure you have enough cash for the day so that you don’t get stuck stranded!

Secondly, tomorrow’s weather forecast in the Capital is supposed to be 27 degrees and sunny with a few cloudy periods. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather on a day whose events are primarily outdoors. But, we all know that the weather is finicky. Make sure you’re dressed in case it rains (no one wants to be forced into a wet t-shirt contest) and have a cover-up or light sweater for the evening’s fireworks. Furthermore, if you’re out in the sun all day, PLEASE remember to bring and apply sunscreen! I know that our national colour is red, but burning your skin isn’t patriotic, it’s just painful.

Hot tip: Spray on sunscreen is easy to apply and rubs in quickly! It’s great for re-application throughout the day.

Jess questioning WHY I didn't wear sunscreen. NOT a good look or feel...

2. Protect your Pups:
If you’re anything like me, you will have more than one place to be on Canada Day. Between seeing the Royal Couple, attending the parties of different groups of friends, jamming out to Tiesto at the Ecapade Music Festival and getting to the hill to watch the fireworks, tomorrow is going to be a loooooong day. (Seriously, it’s so long that it merits 6 o’s). Make sure you wear a comfortable pair of shoes! Dont bust out the new (but deadly) heels you just bought. Instead, opt for a comfy but cute sandal or flat. The last thing you want to do is plop yourself down during the fireworks. Word to the wise, you WILL get trampled.

Hot tip: If you’re heading to the Hill for the fireworks, avoid going deep into the grounds. You still have a beautiful view from the street, and you’re less likely to have your toes stepped on. Plus, you can grab a seat on the curb and give your tired legs a rest!

Comfy and Cute! Best of both worlds!

Image via

3. It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint:

Tomorrow is a day filled with all day house parties and barbecues, and from what I can tell, the start times generally all fall around 11 a.m. Keep in mind that those day parties will eventually dwindle down and there’s still a lot to do at night. Theres nothing worse than drinking too much and missing out the main event. So, have fun, be Canadian and drink lots of beer, but establish a comfortable pace and ride it all day and night. Also, remember to swap water in at SOME point during the day. Youre in the sun, and a ton of alcohol will only make you further dehydrated. Hello heat stroke. Hello hangover.

Hot tip: Water will be a hot commodity downtown. Bring your own and avoid paying tourist prices!

NOT how you want to look at 4 p.m.

4. Honour the Buddy System:
Even if you are with a HUGE group of people on Canada Day, it’s still important to pick one or two buddies and stick to them like glue. You will inevitably be split up from the group. And, to make matters worse, as soon as the fireworks end, your cell phones providers network will blow up and you will not be able to send or receive texts or calls. At least if you have your buddy, you wont be Nemo, lost in the sea of people by yourself.

Hot tip: If you’re with a group, pick a descriptive and specific place to meet immediately after the fireworks that is outside the main hub of Parliament Hill. Dont pick something vague like The Rideau Centre. You’ll be lost forever if you do.

The tried and true 'Buddy System' - Never let go!

And so, I wish you all the best of luck tomorrow! Have a blast, eh…in a nutshell.

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